Bellville Police Calls

Aug. 20

State Route 13 – An officer observed a vehicle swerving on the roadway. The officer initiated the traffic stop and made contact with the driver, a 19 year-old Lucas man. The officer was able to detect an odor of marijuana and alcoholic beverage. Both driver and passenger, a 19 year-old Mansfield male, denied having any alcohol or marijuana in the vehicle. After a search of the vehicle, marijuana was located in a hiding place within the door. Both occupants were issued summonses and released to sober individuals.

Aug. 21

Comfort Plaza Drive – While on routine patrol, an officer observed a male sitting in a vehicle, in the parking lot. While checking on the well-being of the individual, the officer smelled a strong odor of alcoholic beverage. The 46 year-old Mansfield man stated he was just sitting in the car listening to music and talking on the phone. When asked if he was intoxicated, the man stated he had been drinking. Because the male admitting he had been drinking, and driving, and had slurred speech, he was issued a citation for physical control.

Aug. 22

State Route 13 – A traffic stop was initiated due to a vehicle not having a license plate light. During the stop, the officer smelled an odor of marijuana. The driver, a 26 year-old Parma man, admitted to smoking earlier in the day but stated there wasn’t any in the vehicle now but he did have possession of paraphernalia. While searching the car, the officer found marijuana as well as other paraphernalia items. The driver was not impaired and was able to drive. He was issued a citation for the license plate light and a summons for drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana.

Aug. 24

Economy Inn – While conducting business checks, the on duty officer noticed a vehicle parked in the lot that was unsecured with its windows down, which is not typical. When he ran the license plate, the vehicle came back as stolen. After determining which room was registered to the driver of the vehicle, it was learned that the occupant had a warrant out of Knox County. Bellville Officer called for backup and gained entry to the room, taking the wanted man from Knox County into custody. During a search of the room, suspected meth was found with large sums of money.

Aug. 25

Burger King semi parking lot – An officer was dispatched to the aforementioned location due to complaints being made by those pulling into the lot. The officer approached the vehicle to find the occupants inside fornicating. Both occupants, an 18 year-old Lexington girl and 35 year-old Lucas man, were issued summonses for public indecency and advised of their court date.

Miller Court – Report was taken for a lost military ID. If found, please turn into the Bellville Police Department.

Stoodt’s Market – A report was taken for some bad checks that had been written to this establishment. The suspect, a Bucyrus male, has agreed to pay the full amount to the market or face charges being brought against him.

Aug. 26

Church Street – A traffic stop was initiated for a non-working license plate light. The officer approached that car and immediately detected a heavy odor of marijuana. He could see a glass pipe in the cup holder as well as an open alcoholic beverage on the passenger floorboard. The driver, a 28 year-old Lexington man was found to have a warrant and be driving with a suspended license. Backup was requested. Both individuals were found to be intoxicated and unable to drive. A citation was issued to the driver for suspended license and not wearing a seatbelt. The summons of open container was issued to the passenger, a 22 year-old Mansfield woman, and to the driver, as well as summons for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia

Speedway – An officer witnessed a male standing outside of a vehicle drinking what appeared to be an alcoholic beverage. When the officer approached the man, he claimed to be doing nothing wrong, as he was not driving. The officer explained that one cannot consume an alcoholic beverage in a public place. He was issued a summons for open container in a public place.

Bellville Police Department – A rifle was unanimously turned into this department after someone found it on their property. The weapon was run through the system and returned as stolen out of Richland County. Richland County Sheriff came, examined the weapon and released it back to the owner.