“Bellville Walks” set Wednesday to celebrate National Walking Day

BELLVILLE — A “Bellville Walks” event will be held April 5, where locals eager to enjoy the out of doors will be able to participate in a National Walking Day.

In Bellville, people will be allowed to use streets, the bike path and roadways in the Bellville Cemetery. The event will kick off at 2 p.m., and the first 50 people who show up to participate will be given free pedometers and walking cards, where they can keep track of the amount of time they have spent and the area they have covered.

The pedometers and walking cards have been donated to the village by the Richland County Health Department, said Mayor Teri Brenkus.

The village has been given permission by the cemetery board to use its asphalt roads, but the back area, where old stones are located, will be off limits, Brenkus said.

The purpose of having walking cards is so people can turn information back in to the village, and the top three walkers will be given prizes. Every month, from July through September, the top walkers will be awarded, Brenkus said.

One feature of the move to encourage walking will be that there will be “random” events, where someone of note will be the keynote walker with area residents.

Brenkus said it could be a walk with the mayor, or a walk with a doctor. In this event doctors, from Avita or other locations, could be encouraged to walk. Avita is going to be building an office building for health care at the intersection of I-71 and State Route 97.

Officials at Richland Mall are encouraging people to walk there, and that group has come up with a logo for its walking events. It is a walking shoe.

Brenkus said people can register on the day of the walking event, or go to village hall where information, the pedometers and walking cards will be available the week of April 3.