Don’t give up control of your land to gas companies

Don’t give up control of your land to gas companies

Many residents of the Clear Fork Valley have received a letter from Cabot Oil & Gas in recent weeks. This letter tells those who have an existing lease with Columbia Gas Transmission for the mineral rights on their land, that Cabot has entered into a sublease agreement with Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC. to “explore, and hopefully develop, the potential resources below Columbia’s natural gas storage fields.”

Cabot is working together with the same Columbia Gas that acquired some local mineral rights a few years ago through eminent domain. Cabot states that leases need to be amended “to allow for pooling and unitization and support oil and gas development…by allowing for horizontal drilling.”

Injecting fluids into the horizontal drilling is often referred to as “fracking.”

Please know that YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO SIGN the amended lease agreement. If contacted by a Western Land Management agent, feel free to ask for a copy of your original lease and the amended lease agreement from Cabot.

As with the original leases, the amended lease is FOREVER, so it is vital to examine closely how these provisions will affect what happens on your land. Area landowners are getting together for an informational meeting in the near future, but in the meantime, don’t be pressured to sign by hearing that your neighbors have signed, or that you will miss out on an opportunity for big money. For questions or more information, please contact

The agreement was written to protect the interests of Cabot Oil and Columbia Gas. The control of your land now and in the future is too important to make this decision without more information.

Jim Miller

Clear Fork Valley