Clear Fork students ready for this week’s off-campus prom

By Louise Swartzwalder -

Students at Clear Fork High School are bringing out their finery in preparation for this week’s prom events.

The grand march for the prom will be at 4 p.m. on May 14 in the high school auditorium, said principal Brian Brown.

After that event, students will go to dinner or arrange to have pictures taken, events of their own choosing, said Brown.

The actual prom this year will be at Deer Ridge Golf Course outside Bellville. This will start at 7:30 p.m. and end at 10:30.

Brown said this is the first year the prom will be off-campus. It has been held in the gym for the 25 years Brown has served at Clear Fork, he said.

The rules governing the prom celebration have changed a bit because the variety of people who attend differs from attendees in the past, said Brown.

People from Columbus and out of state have attended, he said. Only juniors and seniors may buy tickets, but a freshman can attend as a guest of a junior or senior. Guests up to 20 may attend, but no guests older than 21.

The school requires guest forms, which had to be turned in two weeks before the event.

If guests are 18 or older, school officials run information through three sources to be sure the potential guests are valid. Brown said he and his assistant principal and resource officer “eye” the guest forms.

Tickets to the prom were $20 if purchased early but the price goes to $25 if bought closer to the event, said Brown.

By Louise Swartzwalder