County convention/visitors bureau gets a name change

MANSFIELD — The Mansfield/Richland County Convention & Visitors Bureau will now be known as Destination Mansfield-Richland County. The name change comes as a result of strategic board discussions and community leader interviews as a part of a board retreat and a greater need to be more than just a tourism marketing bureau.

Why the name change?

“During our last board retreat it became apparent the Bureau had evolved beyond just doing tourism marketing”, said Lee Tasseff, President. “With an expanded focus that included participating in overall economic development and increased community involvement, it was time to update our mission and vision statements. (listed at the end of the release) The name change is the next step in communicating our focus and role in the county. The term Convention & Visitors Bureau became a kind of an antiquated name and no longer accurately described what we have been for some time.”

In the tourism industry, entities like CVB’s are classified as DMO’s or Destination Marketing Organizations. The new name brings the local economic development corporation more into line with that classification. The name change began in earnest last fall as 2017 ads and brochures were redesigned.

Marketing still the main focus

“We are still marketers at heart with a passion to promote everything our region has to offer to people looking to travel to, through, or considering moving to Richland County”, said Tasseff. “While tourism marketing will still be the main focus, Destination Mansfield-Richland County will continue to collaborate with other economic development peers in the county. The expanded marketing role came out during interviews with community leaders. No matter the reason, the Destination is still Richland County. We believe it all starts with a visit – and it is still our job to communicate that.”

While the Bureau is getting a new name, it will still be the same award-winning economic development organization that has served our community the past 36 years…only now as Destination Mansfield-Richland County.

The organization’s new mission statement reads: “Destination Mansfield-Richland County leads the marketing of Richland County through innovative collaboration and cohesive messaging, positioning the region as a desirable choice for recreation, events and entertainment resulting in increased business activity and improved quality of life.”

CVB promotion of the area brings dollars into local economy

As the only tourism focused economic development organization in Richland County, Destination Mansfield-Richland County is chartered to promote the area’s facilities, attractions and events as a destination for group tours, meetings and visitors, and to developing new visitor markets.

Tourism is the fourth largest employer in Richland County, supports 4,432 jobs with a payroll of $86 million, while generating spending of $304 million and Local Taxes of $8.9 million.

A local employer of four full-time and one part-time staff, Destination Mansfield uses the talents of volunteers and interns to accomplish its mission. Its website can be found at the following Internet address:
RCVB will become Destination Mansfield-Richland County

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