Central Park bandstand needs fixing, not just paint

BELLVILLE — The elegant bandstand which sits in Central Park has developed some problems not visible to most, village administrator Larry Weirich told council members last week.

David Wood has been painting the bandstand, but at the top there are some rotted pieces in the gingerbread decorations, Weirich said. It will take more than scraping and painting some areas, said Weirich.

Three sections need to be looked at, he said.

Anything done to the structure has to go through the National Register of Historic Places rules governing repairs or replacements.

Council member Vic Swisher said he wonders about the benefit of registering certain structures.

Weirich said he is “not ready to go down that road.”

Fiscal officer Brigette Gatton said she thinks once a structure is registered, it stays that way.

The bandstand was placed on the National Register in 1973.

Weirich told council he is still dealing with people at Roto Mix about the performance of the system the village uses at the sewage treatment plant. The system has had its problems, in that aromas continue to affect air quality. He said he has sent inquiries to the president and vice president of two companies, and hasn’t gotten any response.

Council member Jason Guilliams asked about the deadline Weirich had given.

Weirich said it is “tomorrow.”

Council approved resolutions governing responsibility for maintenance for certain roadways near the soon to be built Bellville elementary school. Some areas will have shared responsibility; others will be solely the duty of the school district.

Mayor Teri Brenkus said ground breaking for the Bellville building has been pushed back to later in August. She said only one bid came in for the Bellville building. It has been deemed too big for small companies and too small for big construction firms, Brenkus said.

She reminded people in the village to always make sure they have no standing water, which breeds mosquitoes.

The Richland County Health Department issued a notice saying two mosquitoes had been found in the Bellville area bearing the West Nile Virus.

No cases of anyone infected by a mosquito have been reported.




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