Bellville area police calls

Sept. 9

Yorkshire Road – A Bellville police officer was dispatched to said location for property damage. Upon arrival, the owner showed the officer damage to a back window. It appeared to have possibly been damaged by a bb/pellet gun or a thrown rock. There were no active suspects and it is believed that a lawnmower of a nearby home may have thrown a rock and hit the window. No charges are being filed.

Sept. 6

East Street – A complaint was called in to report someone stopping and tossing a kitten from their vehicle at a house. A description was given of the person and vehicle being driven. The kitten was rescued and given a good home.

Sept. 9

Wendy’s – A police officer was requested at this location for a duffle bag that was shoved into the outside drive thru trash can by a patron. The officer retrieved the bag and found several sets of clothing and a set of dentures.

West Durbin – A traffic stop was initiated to a driver for turns being made without the use of turn signals. Upon contact with the driver, a 28 year-old Bellville resident, it was determined that he did not have a valid driver’s license. The driver was cited for driving under suspension and given a warning for the turn signal violations.

Main Street – A traffic stop was initiated due to subject vehicle travelling without their headlights. The vehicle immediately pulled over and was cooperative. The driver, a 16 year-old Bellville resident, was found to be

driving without a licensed driver and only having a temporary permit. Driver was cited for temporary permit violation and required headlights and advised of her mandatory court date.