Council considering improved website, new special events


BELLVILLE — A committee of the village council is examining how the website for Bellville can be updated.

Council member Jason Potes, chairman of the community development committee, told council at last night’s meeting his committee will be reaching out to local businesses to find out what they would propose for improving the website.

He said bids would be taken from firms interested in the job. There needs to be “better flow” on an improved web page, Potes said.

It has been stated by users in the past that some changes in the web site need to be made.

Village fiscal officer Brigette Gatton asked about getting figures for the proposed changes. Potes said that information should be available for council at the next meeting in two weeks.

Oct. 3 is the date of the next council meeting.

Potes said his committee is also looking at setting up a Christmas light contest. That idea may be given to the beautification committee, Potes said.

The committee is also looking at a proposal to have fireworks in the village in 2018. The idea of having such an event is preliminary, Potes said.

Council member Joann Palmer said years ago people would put out jars to collect money which could be used for fireworks.

Village resident Pamela Paige-Spires asked council if they would consider allowing her use of a garage at the intersection of State Route 13 and State Route 97 west.

The garage is beside a house formerly occupied by Rich Osborn, a former council member.

Paige-Spires said she would be interested in buying the garage, or would undertake upkeep of the garage in exchange for use of the building. She said she is interested in using the garage so she could extend the way she uses her own yard, by the house next door.

Paige-Spires is an employee of Snow Trails. She told council members it is getting close to the ski season, and there are benefits to forming ski groups for kids. She said charges for a ski group are half of what is charged on a regular ski pass.

Paige-Spires said most ski areas have come off three bad years of business, but Snow Trails has had only two bad years.

Mayor Teri Brenkus, in response to Paige-Spires inquiry about the garage, said the village would have to look at whether it might be needed for another purpose.

Council briefly went into executive session to consider Paige-Spires inquiry.

Brenkus told council there will be a Trick or Treat event for the village Oct. 26 from 5:30 to 6:30.

There will be a “trunk or treat” event Oct. 25 from 5 to 7 p.m. at Der Dutchman. This event will have a bounce house, face painting, cookie decorating, and mini golf. It is sponsored by the Bellville Police Department and Jefferson Township Fire Department.



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