School building construction to begin Monday


CLEAR FORK VALLEY — Construction on the two new elementary schools in Butler and Bellville will begin Monday, school superintendent Janice Wyckoff said Wednesday.

Wyckoff told school board members last week the project will have 1,000 workers on the sites over a 17-month period. She also said the process will be “loud and repetitive.”

Wyckoff said she has talked to staff about safety and construction noise.

The plan is to build two new buildings, one in Butler adjacent to the current elementary building. The Bellville building will also be next to the current elementary site.

Mandi Niekamp, of Garmann Miller, appeared at the board meeting, giving updates on certain details in the buildings. One thing which should be changed is the use of terrazzo inlays in certain areas of the buildings. Some sections will have polished concrete; others will have ceramic tile or vinyl tile.

Board president Jim DeSanto said some alternates will make the buildings “a little nicer” but there are others that “we really need to do” so the board would make those top priorities.

Bradd Stevens, treasurer, responded to a request for a utility cost analysis for the new buildings. He said the increase he is expecting is seven per cent. He said he multiplied the square footage of each new building by the average per square foot cost for that building to come up with estimates.

Stevens said he contacted the school districts of Ontario, Shelby and Madison. At Ontario, the cost is listed as $.95 per square foot. Shelby and Madison both are at $1.12 per square foot.

The Garman Miller figure was quoted at $.95 and $1.20.