Group does clean-up along Clear Fork

Staff report

CLEAR FORK VALLEY — A group of fly fishermen dedicated a recent day to clean up along banks of the Clear Fork River.

The dozen club members of the Mohican Fly Fishers of Ohio participated in the clean-up.

The group started by cleaning up the road sides along Gatton Rocks Road, Stoffer and Dill roads, said member Dave Meadows.

“Amazing the number of flip flops you find!” said Meadows.

The group found a refrigerator jammed under a sycamore tree. That will have to be taken out by chain saw later, Meadows said.

The group planted a willow along the banks to shade stream water. Meadows says brown trout can only take water temperatures up to about 70 degrees.

The willow was planted to honor Van Wade, who recently passed away.

Another tree was planted to honor Larry Halford, who passed away after a battle with cancer.

An insect survey was conducted in the afternoon. They found Mayfly nymphs, Caddis pupa, crayfish, water pennies, and midge larva. The group compares results from the same time periods to determine if invertebrate life remains constant.

A wild swing would indicate a water quality problem, Meadows said.

The Clear Fork enjoys good water quality, he said.

Tree plantings are a two-fold project, providing shade for the stream and holding erosion in check on the banks. The group has planted 10 trees over the last few years for this purpose, said Meadows.

Staff report