Candidate Klenk wants to “help kids”

CLEAR FORK VALLEY — With fall election time approaching, yard signs are sprouting on streets and highways around Butler and Bellville.

One candidate for Clear Fork School District board says he doesn’t feel he needs to go and buy yard signs.

Jim Klenk has been on the board for four years, and he says he thinks people know enough about his background to support his bid for re-election.

Klenk is one of four persons running for three seats on the board. The other candidates are Amy Weekley, who is also running for re-election. She was appointed to the board after a vacancy was created earlier this year.

Kyle Beveridge and Jennifer Stallard are the other candidates.

Klenk was a high school principal for 17 years, and a junior high principal for four years. He was hired in 1973 as principal at Clear Fork.

He is now retired as a school administrator but teaches at Ashland University and is special education director in Crawford County.

Klenk said he is involved in education because he wants to “help kids” and provide the best possible education.

He said in education there are always new state mandates and the standards are set by the Ohio Department of Education and the state legislature.

He said he doesn’t have any particular concerns or fears about the future at Clear Fork. He said there is a “certain role that a board member has to play.”

The school administration hires staff and the board reviews hiring practices.

As a person in education for 37 years Klenk says he has had multiple jobs. He has been involved with three separate sports.

“I want what’s best for the kids,” he said. “I want to see what kids need.”

Klenk has two children in high school.

His wife is employed at Madison schools.

Jim Klenk Klenk





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