Allegations not confirmed

CLEAR FORK VALLEY — The Bellville Star was made aware Wednesday of allegations of misconduct on a Clear Fork School District bus.

The Star has received no other information that can be confirmed.

Superintendent Janice Wyckoff said the allegations were unfounded, and films were reviewed by the high school principal and a school official formerly with the Richland County Sheriff’s department.

The alleged events occurred two Saturdays ago, Wyckoff said. School officials did not receive information about the alleged incident until the Thursday following.

The website of the Clear Fork School District has this “Special Announcement.”

It says: Student safety and well being is a high priority. Clear Fork Valley takes allegations of hazing, bullying or any other illegal acts seriously.

Recently, accusations of hazing on one of our athletic buses have come to our attention. We have promptly and thoroughly investigated these accusations and have concluded that no hazing occurred on the athletic bus. While our buses are equipped with cameras which aide and assist with monitoring student behavior, we teach our students that if they see something, they say something. Likewise, if a parent or community member has information regarding any hazing, bullying or illegal act involving our students please model what we instill in our students and report knowledge of any such behavior to school personnel or the local authorities. Everyone in the Valley should be concerned with the well being of our students and we need to work together to keep out students safe.