School board approves “separation agreement” with Thomas Tingley


CLEAR FORK VALLEY — The Clear Fork Valley School District Board of Education, meeting Monday in special session, approved a “separation of employment” agreement with Thomas Tingley, who has worked for the district as a mechanic.

Under the agreement, Tingley will be on paid administrative leave until Nov. 30. He will also receive $13,500, an amount which is “non-wage related and not for any back wages.”

The status of Tingley was the topic of a lengthy executive session the board held at its last meeting, Nov. 9.

The Monday meeting was held at 6 a.m. in offices at the Hines Street school building.

Voting for the separation agreement were board president Jim DeSanto, and members Jim Klenk, Dan Freund and Amy Weekley.

The separation agreement says Tingley will be on a two-year, “voluntary, unpaid leave of absence for medical reasons with no expectations for return to employment” with the Clear Fork Valley schools.

Agenda documents for the last school board meeting said Tingley had also worked for River Run Canoe Livery in Loudonville. The documents said Tingley had visited Truck Sales and Service in Mansfield and used a Clear Fork schools or district account information to get something while using the district’s government discount.

Tingley was cited for violating his employment contract, his job description, board policies, Clear Fork purchasing manual, and of “immoral, dishonest and unethical conduct and neglect of duty.”

There had been a pre-termination hearing in September. The Ohio Department of Transportation said his CDL license was inactive because he hadn’t gotten a “T9 certificate.”

Records show a meeting in October did not result in resolving employment issues. On Oct. 31 he was notified in writing of the intent to terminate his employment.

A group of people who identified themselves as members of the “Tingley family” had attended the Nov. 9 board meeting. No Tingley family members were at Monday’s meeting.

The separation agreement was signed by Mary Ann Ebert, president of the Clear Fork Valley OAPSE #282 local.