Kinley to resign as Butler mayor

BUTLER — Ken Kinley retired as mayor of Butler on Dec. 31.

Kinley, who has served as mayor since 2015, said he thinks it is time to remove himself from public life.

He said he won the 2015 election “by default” and thinks that as an 83 year-old person it’s “time to get out.”

Kinley’s name was a write-in for the 2015 campaign. No one had placed his or her name on the ballot after Kevin Carr decided he would not seek re-election.

Kinley served in the Air Force. He said he has “been all over the world” and served in the military for 30 years.

Kinley was involved in many important activities in the village of Butler.

During his service time, plans came together for a new wastewater treatment plant. The village had to find a site for the plant, and a new one will be built off State Route 97 between Butler and Bellville.

Kinley was also active in the move to get two new elementary schools built in the Clear Fork Valley School District.

Members of the Butler village council will have to decide the procedure for putting a new mayor in place.

No one on council was available to comment.


Ken Kinley