Clear Fork Valley police calls

Jan. 2

State Route 97 west– Officers were advised by dispatch that a key holder was present at a business but the alarm was sounding and this person wanted the establishment checked by an officer. Officers arrived at the location and made entry into the building. While clearing the building, they found a door that was unsecured. No one was located inside the building and nothing appeared to have been disturbed so the key holder reset the alarm and secured the doors.

State Route 97 west – An officer was dispatched to this location for a traffic crash. It appeared that Unit #1 was traveling westbound in the left hand lane, turning left, while unit #2 was traveling westbound in the through lane. Unit #1 attempted to turn right and struck unit #2 until they both came to a resting stop. Unit #1 was transported by EMS for possible injury.

Main Street – An officer was dispatched to said location for a traffic crash. Unit #1 was stopped on Main Street, at Ogle Street for a red traffic signal. Unit #2 stated he was unable to stop his vehicle and slid into the rear bumper of Unit #1. Unit #2 stated he believed he had snow on his tires, causing him to slide when stopping. Unit #2 was issued a citation as a result of this incident.

Jan. 3

Main Street – Officers were dispatched to the area for an alarm going off. The officer arrived on scene and found the structure to be locked and secured. To be sure, the officer made contact with the owner and advised she would check the building. Both the officer and owner returned to the location, where the officer was allowed to clear the building, giving the owner peace of mind that nothing had been disturbed.

State Route 97 west – Officers were dispatched to this location for a fire and panic alarm sounding. The officers cleared the building in order to allow the fire department to enter to verify that there weren’t any fires or smoke within the structure. After doing so, the key holder for the business secured the facility and all parties left the scene.

Jan. 4

Main Street – While on routine patrol, an officer observed a vehicle travelling faster than the posted speed limit. During the stop, the officer noticed an odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle. The officer asked the driver, a 20 year-old Danville man, if there was anything in the vehicle. The driver stated no and consented to a search. During the search, the Officer did not locate any contraband in the vehicle. The driver’s plates were in the system to be confiscated by a peace officer, so they were. The vehicle was towed and the driver was issued a citation for speed.

Bell Street – Officers responded to the area for reports of individuals yelling. Officers arrived on scene but were unable to hear or see anyone in the area. The caller stated he was outside with his dogs when he heard “violent yelling and screaming” but didn’t believe that anyone was being hurt. Officers searched the area again but were unable to find where this commotion came from. Caller was advised to call back if he heard it again.

Jan. 5

State Route 13 – An officer initiated a traffic stop due to seeing a vehicle that was swerving heavily within their lane of travel. The driver then crossed over the fog line and accelerated to speeds of 50 mph in a 35 mph zone. Upon initiating the traffic stop, using lights and sirens, the officer noticed a heavy odor of alcoholic beverage emitting from the driver. The driver, a 54 year-old Mansfield male, admitted to being out with friends and having drinks with them. He was asked to participate in some field tests, and he was unable to pass. The driver was allowed to contact a sober driver to retrieve his vehicle while he was transported to Lexington Police Department for a breathalyzer test. He tested over the legal limit and was issued a citation for OVI and marked lanes.

State Route 97 west Speedway – An officer was dispatched to said location to check the well-being of two male subjects who appeared to be passed out in the area of the gas pumps. Upon arrival, the officer observed as the occupants both had their heads down and were unaware of the officer’s presence. The officer tapped on the window and was able to get a response from the occupants. The officer ran their license numbers and learned that the driver had a warrant. The officer located a needle and several empty baggies with residue on them from the driver. He was then placed in the cruiser. A search of the vehicle was conducted resulting in a large number of needles and pipes being located. The passenger admitted those were his. Both were issued summons for drug paraphernalia and possessing drug abuse instruments. Both the driver and passenger were transported to the county jail and turned over to the jail staff.