Bellville police reports

Jan. 8

Main Street – Officer received a call from a business which said it had a door standing open. The officer reported to the location. He did not notice anything out of the ordinary or out of place. He checked the other doors within the location, all were locked and secured. He secured the open door and returned to patrol.

State Route 97 W – An officer was dispatched to State Route 97 W for a crash on private property. Unit #1 was backing out of their parking spot when Unit #2 drove past, striking Unit #1 in the rear. Insurance information was exchanged by both parties.

Jan. 9

Huron Street – An officer responded to the said location for an unresponsive injured person in the alley. Upon arrival, the officer was unable to locate the subject. A witness stated the individual eventually came to and walked inside their home. The officer made contact and determined the subject needed medical attention. Jefferson Township transported to Ohio Health Mansfield for treatment.

Jan. 10

Durbin Avenue — While on patrol, an officer saw a vehicle sitting on the roadway with its flashers on. The officer made contact with the driver who advised she was ok; her vehicle had stopped running but she had help on the way. The officer ran the driver’s information to learn that she was driving under suspension. The driver informed the officer that all of that had been cleared up and she was unaware she was still suspended. She was advised that he would have to write her a citation and she could present her case on her assigned court date.

State Route 97 W @ Spayde Rd – Unit #1 was traveling East on State Route 97 West. As Unit #1 approached the curve and began to slow down to maneuver the turn, Unit #1 lost control of the vehicle due to the icy conditions on the roadway. Unit #1 spun around and went into the ditch. There was no reportable damage on the vehicle.

Bell Street – Unit #1 was traveling south on Bell Street. When Unit #1 slowed down to pass oncoming traffic, the vehicle began to slide on the ice covered roadway, striking Unit #2, who was Northbound on Bell Street. Unit #1 suffered disabling damage and was towed from the scene. Unit # 2 suffered minor functional damage and was driven from the scene. Unit #1 was cited for failure to control and advised of their court date.

State Route 97 W – Unit #1 was stopped at the stop sign on Alexander Road at State Route 97 W. Unit #2 was approaching Unit #1 and began slowing down to prepare for the stop. Unit #2 began to slide on the icy road and stated it was too late to maneuver the vehicle away from Unit #1. Unit #2 struck Unit #1 from behind causing minor damage.

Jan. 13

State Route 97 W @ B&O Bike Trail – Unit #1 was traveling in the eastbound lane of State Route 97 W, when they lost control of the vehicle and slid across the westbound lane and off the road, left, entering a ditch and striking a tree with the front of the vehicle. There was wet, heavy slush present on the roadway, as well as patches of ice on the roadway in the area. The driver was cited for failure to control and advised of their court date.

Jan. 14

Howard Smith Blvd – While on routine patrol, the officer noticed a vehicle whose license plate was obstructed. The officer initiated a car stop. During this stop, the officer learned that the driver was driving with no operator’s license and also had a warrant out of Richland County. The driver was arrested on the warrant and issued a citation for no operator’s license and obstructed license plate.