Bellville Village Council discusses position opening, zoning matters

vBELLVILLE — An open position on Bellville Village Council has another resident offering her services for the job.

Brandy Weyhmeller, a person long active in local events including the Bellville Street Fair, told council members Tuesday night she would be interested in serving.

Two other residents, Rich Osborn and J. J. Burkhart, have also said they would serve.

Council had a 15 minute executive session to discuss the matter, but Mayor Teri Brenkus said no decision has been made.

Under village ordinances the council has a 30-day period to make a decision. If no decision is reached, the mayor would name the council member.

Brenkus said she would contact all three contenders, who were at the Tuesday meeting.

With the 30 day time limit ending Jan. 31, the time is becoming limited on council being able to reach a decision.

Osborn has previously served on council. He left his position last year because of health problems.

Weyhmeller said she believes in brainstorming and working with people as a team. Last year she was in charge of the Bellville Street Fair queen contest. She also worked with students at the high school on a “reality store.” This was an endeavor where students could work through problems like knowing about budgeting problems — having enough money to pay bills.

Weyhmeller was asked by council member Jason Guilliams why she had not put her name in to be on the ballot in the November election. Weyhmeller said she went to the board of elections building with the intent of putting her name on the ballot, but the office had closed at 4:30 p.m.

Council heard from village administrator Larry Weirich, who said the village planning commission is looking at changes in several zoning provisions.

One revision would allow businesses that had been non-confirming under zoning provisions to be rebuilt if there was a loss.

An example of difficulties in existing zoning provisions is that the building which houses Whitey’s, the barber, is zoned commercial. Next door is a building which is a residence.

Weirich said the problem with a building being in a “non conforming” state is that some financial institutions don’t want to finance a property in that kind of circumstance and insurance can be harder to obtain.

Under current zoning provisions a house can’t be built higher than 25 feet. This means there can be no livable attic space. The proposed revision would correct that problem, saying that the maximum height can now be 35 feet.

There are also inconsistencies in the size of lots, under current provisions. Some lots in the village were established in the 1800s and are only 46 feet wide. More modern lots are 60 to 66 feet wide.

There have been three requests to have lots rezoned. They include one at the intersection of Spayde Road and State Route 97, a parcel of 3.416 acres.

This is property located by the Aromatherapy building, and is owned by Jim Gorman. Weirich said that area does have the potential for development.

The golf course needs to be rezoned from R1 to B2, and Mid Ohio Tubing also needs to be rezoned.

A public hearing on all zoning matters will be March 20 at 5:30 at the village police Department.

Brandy Weyhmeller, who said she is interested in being on village council. Louise Swartzwalder | Bellville Star Weyhmeller, who said she is interested in being on village council. Louise Swartzwalder | Bellville Star