Bellville Police Calls

Jan. 24

Main Street at Durbin Avenue – Officer was dispatched for a hit/skip accident that took place earlier in the day. The victim stated she parks her car in the dirt lot across from the Duke Station and car pools to work. When she came back that evening, she noticed some damage on the front driver’s side and a flat tire. The victim later contacted the officer with concerns that her tire may have been slashed. After viewing the pictures of the tire more closely, it was determined that the flat tire was not a result of foul play.

State Route 97 W – An officer responded to a crash near Storyside Church. Upon arrival he located a male subject who was trying to maneuver his vehicle from the ditch. The officer made contact with the driver who stated he was not hurt. As cars were driving by, he would jump up and down, waving his hands, trying to get someone to stop and help him get his vehicle out of the ditch. The officer requested several times that the male subject stay out of the roadway. The officer inquired about alcohol and drug use but found that he was not impaired. For the safety of the driver, the officer requested that he sit in his cruiser, to which he agreed. The driver’s information came back as being suspended. Due to this, he was issued a citation for failure to control and no operator’s license. A tow truck retrieved the vehicle and towed it to Mike’s Marathon.

State Route 97 W/I-71 Ramp – While conducting business checks in the area, the officer on duty noticed a male subject who seemed to be keeping an eye on the officer. The officer continued with his business checks as the subject went into the gas station. Once the subject exited, it appeared he was still watching the officer as he walked around his vehicle checking for something, then appearing to check the vehicle fluids. Due to some of the behaviors, the officer decided to make contact with the driver. As the officer started towards the area, the male jumped into the vehicle and fled, driving over the fog line and through heavy snow on the side of the roadway, instead of in his lane. The officer activated his overheads in an attempt to stop the vehicle. The vehicle continued on for a short time but then pulled over. Upon approach of the vehicle, the officer detected an odor of marijuana. The driver appeared to be quite nervous, with shaking hands and a tremble in his voice, while the passenger was calm. The officer called for back-up. Both subjects were asked to step out of the vehicle, and did so without incident. The driver admitted that there had previously been marijuana in the car but there wasn’t anything in there at the time. Permission to search was given and nothing was located. Dispatch advised that the driver was suspended. The passenger then took over driving due to having a valid driver’s license. The driver was cited for DUS and turning at intersections.

Jan. 25

Mill St/Hines Ave – While on patrol, the officer on duty noticed a vehicle which did not have a working license plate light. The officer initiated a traffic stop. Dispatch advised the officer that the driver, a 70 year-old woman from Malvern was listed as a missing person out of Canton. Contact was made with family and it was determined that the driver was not a threat to herself or anyone else but that she was likely lost and unable to find her way back home. They advised the officer that someone would be in route to pick her up and take her home.

Jan. 26

Diamond Car Wash – An officer was dispatched to the said location for a breaking and entering. The owner had gone to the business to check on things when he noticed the door had been pried open and the inside was a mess. The suspect(s) attempted to break into the coin boxes but were unsuccessful in doing so. This is an ongoing investigation and the surveillance is being viewed for suspects. If you have any information regarding this case, please feel free to contact Lt. Fletcher at the Bellville Police Department.

Sprint Cell Tower – An officer was dispatched to this location for a report of theft. The officer arrived and spoke with the Sprint worker who informed the officer that eight batteries were missing from the site. The worker stated there wasn’t any forced entry at the gate but the boxes that held the batteries were damaged when they were broken into. There are currently no suspects.

Main Street – While on routine patrol, an officer observed as a vehicle traveled through a red light and crossed over the fog line. The officer initiated a traffic stop at that time. Upon approach of the vehicle, the officer detected a heavy odor of alcohol coming from the open window. When asked for her information, the driver, 58 year-old Bellville resident, fumbled with her wallet to get it and admitted to having had two beers. The officer requested she participate in some field sobriety testing, to which she agreed. Due to a recent surgery, she was unable to perform the requested tests. She then agreed to provide a breath sample for the portable breath tester. She was unable to follow instructions for this test so she was transported to the Lexington Police Department for further testing. At this time, it was verified that she was, in fact, intoxicated. She was then issued a citation for OVI, marked lanes and red light violation. She was informed of her court date and transported back to her residence.