Clear Fork River flood concerns

The Clear Fork River in Bellville, near State Route 13

With the recent heavy rains that have hit the area hard, the Clear Fork River is edging closer to its banks.

The National Weather Service is calling for more rain the rest of this week and into the weekend and have also issued a flood warning that extends until 2:15 p.m. on June 16.

Though the river is not likely to flood in the near future, Bellville Mayor Darrell Banks has outlined the following guidelines for the river’s path in Bellville.

According to Banks, at 11 ft. the water from the Clear Fork flows over onto Main Street, north of the bridge. At 13 ft., the water from the river flows level with the bottom of the bridge and at 15 ft., it flows over the bridge, blocking access to the village.

According the United States Geological Society’s (USGS) station in Bellville, the river peaked at eight feet earlier today.

Residents can access the frequently updated USGS reports for the Clear Fork River at