Bellville police reports

Jan. 29

West Durbin Ave. – While on routine patrol, the officer on duty noticed a vehicle with a broken tail light. The officer initiated a traffic stop to inform the driver. While running the driver’s information for a 28 year-old Bellville resident, the information came back as suspended. The driver was unable to provide her registration and insurance information. The driver was given the opportunity to call for someone to come retrieve the vehicle while the officer issued her a summons for driving under suspension and a warning for the broken tail light.

Jan. 30

Comfort Inn – This department was contacted by the Management team because they had received a complaint regarding some missing items. This case is currently under investigation.

Main Street – The officer on duty was dispatched to the area to tow a vehicle that had been marked for 72 hours. The officer and the business attempted to locate the owner of the vehicle but were unable to make contact. Mike’s Marathon was contacted and they took possession of the vehicle.

Jan. 31

East Street – This department was informed about a child who had not been to school in five days. Officers made contact at the residence and found what they thought were two children under the age of six being left home alone. While in route, they contacted children services. After talking further with the children, the officers learned that there was an adult

inside the home. The officers made contact with the adult and learned that it was his responsibility to make sure his sibling got to school on time but he was having a hard time getting up in time to do so.

State Route 97 W at McDonald’s – While on routine patrol, an officer witnessed someone driving a vehicle he knew had a suspended driver’s license. The officer made contact with the driver, a 36 year-old Bellville resident, who admitted to the officer that she knew she was suspended. The officer informed her that he would be citing her this time for driving under suspension, as she had already been warned previously about driving, whether on private property or not, without a license.

State Route 97 at I-71 ramp – While on patrol, an officer observed as a driver pulled out of the Duke gas station and noticed the cruiser. When the driver of the vehicle noticed the officer’s cruiser, his driving patterns changed drastically. The officer noticed as the driver continued to watch him through his mirrors, resulting in the driver crossing over the fog line and making an improper turn onto the I-71 ramp. The officer initiated a traffic stop that resulted in him learning that the driver, a 19 year-old male from was driving under suspension. The driver exited his vehicle and sat in the cruiser as the officer prepared the paperwork for the vehicle to be towed. During this time, the officer was asked to get some belongings from the car for him. While doing so, the officer detected an odor of marijuana and did locate some drug paraphernalia as well as a bag with marijuana inside. The driver was cited with driving under suspension and turning at intersections. He was also issued summons for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Feb. 2

Clear Fork Schools – Along with several other schools in Richland County, local police officers were in the area of the schools for added protection. There were rumors of a child possibly making threats. These threats were not substantiated but local authorities felt it was better to post extra patrols to be on the safe side.

Feb. 3

Markey Street – An officer was dispatched to this location when someone reported a runaway juvenile being spotted. The officer made contact and found that this was, in fact, the missing juvenile. The juvenile was found to have warrants in Richland County and to be in possession of marijuana. The juvenile was transported to the Richland County Juvenile Detention Center where he was also issued a summons for being in possession of drug paraphernalia and being in possession of marijuana.

Feb. 5

Diamond Car Wash – An officer was dispatched to the listed address for a report of criminal damaging. The officer arrived on scene to see a self-washing stall that appeared to have been hit with a vehicle, causing significant damage. The driver was located and issued a summons for criminal mischief as he was unable to pay for all of the damages up front, as the owner requested.

Duke and Duchess State Route 97 W – The officer was requested at this location by the manager, wanting to file a report about a male coming to the establishment last evening and damaging their air machine. The manager explained to the officer that the man came inside to get change for the air machine, went back out and came back in seconds later, claiming the machine was not working correctly and asking for a refund. The manager attempted to explain that they did not own the machine and that it is owned by a vendor so they are unable to issue refunds. This infuriated the man, who walked outside and proceeded to cause damage to the air pump machine. The man has been located and was issued a summons for criminal mischief.

Feb. 7

Main Street – An officer was dispatched to the listed address for a mental health incident. The officer was advised that a young male took off in an unknown direction, stating he was going to harm himself. The officer was able to locate the male who said he never made those accusations but did say when he fights with his partner, she makes him want to hurt himself. The male subject was taken to Ohio Health for evaluation.

Dunkin Donuts – A report was taken for theft from this location as a man walked in, took some cups and placed them under this jacket and left. The employee was able to get a license plate number.

Feb. 8

Ogle Street – While on patrol, an officer witnessed a vehicle that, while making a turn, accelerated quickly, causing the tires to squeal. The driver almost lost control of the vehicle while making another turn. The officer activated the lights and sirens on the police cruiser, initiating a traffic stop. The driver, a 20 year-old Bellville resident, admitted to not having a license and to purchasing the vehicle but not having the registration for it as he was working a deal out with the original owner of the vehicle. The officer ran the license plates, which returned fictitious. The officer called for a tow truck and issued the driver a citation for driving under suspension and for fictitious plates. The person was picked up by a valid licensed driver. The owner of the vehicle was notified where it was being towed.

Feb. 9

Duke and Duchess on State Route 97 W – An officer was requested on a report about a theft. The officer was told that a Caucasian male came in and wanted to purchase alcohol but was informed that they could not sell it to him until 5:30 a.m. The male subject then purchased several lottery tickets and ran out the door with the six-pack of beer, leaving behind his $11 in change.

State Route 97 W at I-71 Ramp – While on routine patrol, an officer witnessed a vehicle without a front license plate. The driver also crossed the solid yellow line with his driver’s side tires. The officer then initiated a traffic stop. During the stop, the officer detected an odor of alcoholic beverage emitting through the window and also noticed several beer caps and a large wet spot on the floorboard. When the officer ran the driver’s information, it came back as suspended with a note that the officer should confiscate the license plates. The driver, from Marengo was issued a citation for driving under suspension and marked lanes. He was also issued a summons for open container in a motor vehicle. The officer allowed the driver to obtain his belongings from the car and arranged for it to be towed.

State Route 97 – While on patrol, an officer observed as a driver was traveling at 56 mph in a 50 mph zone. The officer then saw the vehicle slow to a speed of 41 mph and drive past him. The driver stared at him instead of the road, causing him to cross over the fog line. The officer then pulled out behind the car to initiate the stop but the car then sped up to over 60 mph. Once the car stopped, the driver, a 44 year-old Bellville man, immediately exited the vehicle and began walking back to the officer’s cruiser. The driver was ordered back to his vehicle but did not immediately comply. Back-up units were requested due to his hostile approach, excited state and furtive movements from the passenger in the vehicle. The driver eventually settled down so the officer could have a conversation with him. After running all occupants information, the passenger, a 40 year-old Bellville resident, was arrested on a warrant. During the search of the vehicle, nothing illegal was located. The driver was given a warning for speed and marked lanes, while the passenger was transported to the Richland County Jail for her warrant.

State Route 97 W – While on routine patrol, an officer noticed a vehicle being driven without headlights.The officer initiated a traffic stop. The driver, a 24-year old Cincinnati male, first attempted to lie to the officer but quickly admitted the truth. He driver admitted to the officer that his license was suspended. That was confirmed through dispatch. While the citation was being written, this officer allowed the driver time to contact someone to come and retrieve the vehicle. The driver was advised of his court date and time and waited for a valid driver.