Priorities discussed at Clear Fork school board work session

CLEAR FORK VALLEY — Members of the Clear Fork Valley School District board of education, at a recent work session, released a statement of the function of the group.

In a letter, the board said its function is to “plan and create policies” serving the best educational interests of students. It also wishes to provide the superintendent and treasurer with “sufficient and adequate guidelines” for implanting policies.

The board also wishes to “conduct our business openly” with effective communication to the public, students and staff.

The work session came before the regular board meeting, Feb. 19.

The school board has two new members, Jennifer Stallard and Kyle Beveridge. Member Amy Weekley was re-elected to the board, after beginning a term in the middle of 2017.

Board members discussed priorities, and named increasing STEM classes and student opportunities in technology and robotics.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math.

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