Bellville police reports

Feb. 14

State Route 97 W – While on routine patrol, an officer noticed a vehicle whose license plate was obstructed. The officer initiated a traffic stop. The officer made contact with the driver and passenger and learned that both had licenses that were suspended. The officer requested both occupants step out of the vehicle and sit in the police cruiser. A tow truck was requested to tow the vehicle. The passenger asked to get some of his belongings out of the vehicle, and the officer agreed. While the subject was gathering his items, he kept hiding his hands. The officer asked him, on multiple occasions, to stop and keep his hands within sight of the officer. The male subject refused. After a brief scuffle, the male subject was placed under arrest while the passenger was released to a valid driver for driving under suspension.

Feb. 15

Duke and Duchess 97 W – The officer was requested at this location because the manager wanted to file a report. The manager said multiple items which she had just put out were missing off the shelves. The manager was able to locate the suspect on surveillance placing several items in her purse off of the shelves. All surveillance footage was release to this department and this case is currently under investigation.

Village View Apartments – Officers were dispatched to this location for a 911 call referencing domestic violence. The officers arrived on scene to find that the suspect had fled on foot. While checking the area, officer were alerted to a possible location of the suspect who also had an active warrant. The suspect was taken into custody without incident. While speaking with the victim, it was learned that the suspect had arrived home intoxicated and had proceeded to yell at her and eventually become physical with her as well.

Feb. 16

Mill St/Riverside Dr – While on routine patrol, an officer witnessed a vehicle making a right hand turn and failing to turn on the turn signal. The officer initiated a traffic stop using his overhead lights. The driver seemed to be quite agitated when the officer made contact with him. The officer requested the driver’s information and ran it through dispatch. Dispatch confirmed that the driver was suspended. The vehicle was released to the passenger, who was also the registered owner.