Bellville police calls

March 5

Duke and Duchess An officer was requested at this location when a concerned citizen called in a reckless driving complaint. The on-duty officer made contact with the subject at said location. During the interaction with the driver, it was observed that he was possibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The officer also noticed that a passenger was passed out in the front passenger seat. The officer was able to wake the passenger up. During this time, the officer observed an open can of alcoholic beverage in the vehicle. Both subjects were asked to step out of the vehicle and have a seat in the back of the cruiser while the officer conducted a further search of the vehicle. During the search, several items of drug paraphernalia were located as well as marijuana and other controlled substances. The occupants were both arrested and taken to the Richland County Jail on charges of possession of class III, IV, or V drug, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, open container and OVI.

March 6

Main Street – An officer was dispatched to a crash on State Route 13. Unit #1 was travelling northbound on

State Rooute 13 when he struck Unit #2, which was parked, in the rear before coming to a complete stop. Unit #2 was unoccupied and parked in a designated parking space along the street.

State Route 13 – While patrolling in the area, the officer witnessed a vehicle traveling in excess of the posted speed limit. The officer turned around to catch up to the suspect vehicle and noticed that the license plate was obstructed by a smoke colored license plate cover. The officer initiated a traffic stop and learned that the driver was not from the area and was taking a friend home. While speaking with the driver, the officer learned that she had a warrant for failure to pay traffic fines out of Ashland Police Department. While running the passenger’s information, the officer learned that she too had a warrant. The officer allowed the driver to call someone to come pick up her car. Both were transported to Richland County Jail where the driver was released to an Ashland County Unit.

March 8

Mill Street – Officers were dispatched to this location for an elderly female who wasn’t breathing. Upon arrival, the officer’s found the 78 year-old female lying on the floor, next to her bed. They began CPR and continued to do so until EMS arrived and took over.

March 8

Village Apartments – An officer was requested at this location due to a 19 year-old male subject walking into an elderly female’s apartment, uninvited, and demanding money from her. The male subject would not leave until he was certain the victim didn’t have anything to give him. This male subject has been advised to not return to the victim’s residence and to not contact her anymore.

State Route 13 – While on patrol, an officer witnessed a vehicle travelling in excess of the posted speed limit. The officer was unable to read the license plate number due to it being covered with plastic. A traffic stop was initiated. The driver of the vehicle, told the officer he was suspended. All occupant’s information was run through dispatch with only the driver coming up as suspended. The driver was cited for driving under suspension and was permitted to switch places with the passenger, who was a valid driver.

March 13

Love’s – An officer was dispatched to this location to take a report for theft from a motor vehicle. The victim stated he went inside the gas station for some food, forgot to lock his vehicle and when he came back out, someone had stolen his backpack from the front seat of his car. This is an ongoing investigation.

Stoodt’s – An officer was dispatched to this location to take a report of a female taking her boyfriend’s vehicle with their infant child and leaving him behind. The male subject stated the mother of the child had been acting strange over the last couple of days and was concerned for her safety. Officers made contact with the female subject later that evening and found that both were okay.

Main Street – The officer on patrol this evening was waved down by a male subject who stated his girlfriend was driving erratically with their infant in her lap. The officer attempted to make contact with the driver who appeared to be distressed. The female stated to the officer that she needed help but did not want to go via ambulance. The officer agreed to transport the female. After some coercion to get her out of the vehicle and give the infant to the father, the officer transported the female to Ohio Health for mental health treatment.