Clear Fork 12-year-old wrestler a champ

CLEAR FORK VALLEY — There’s a young man in the sixth grade at Clear Fork schools, who doesn’t want to volunteer much about his skills.

But the truth is Josh Fenton Jr., who is 12, has taken first place in an OH-WAY state tournament in wrestling.

His skill won him a huge trophy, in the shape of a soaring eagle.

And he is about to compete again in another tournament, put on by the Ohio Athletic Committee (OAC).

At that tournament, which will be in Youngstown, Fenton is going to be awarded an “iron man” award, for having the most points in his division.

He will also be named top wrestler.

Fenton says he practices every day.

Is there any pressure?

He says no.

For fun, he says he likes to “go outside and play video games.”

Josh Fenton Jr. is shepherded around by his dad, Josh, Sr.

His dad said he had competed in wrestling, and thought it would be good if his son also tried to compete.

It was suggested he could start this sport at five, but Josh Jr. couldn’t get into it.

He later began, and he now admits all this effort has made him “stronger and faster.”

Young Fenton was involved in wrestling at Clear Fork, but before he joined SWAT (Small Wrestling Attack Team) out of Mansfield, he had lost all matches.

The SWAT group is coached by Anthony Brooks.

Fenton Sr. said Brooks believes in putting together an “aggressive team.”

Part of what Fenton Jr. likes is the fact wrestling helps him in other sports.

Being a wrestler helps with baseball and with football, young Fenton said.

It’s about “working hard to get what you want,” he said.

A wrestler must “think on their feet and be quick,” said Fenton Sr.

The OH-WAY group is made up of persons not affiliated with any particular school. It is set up to help youngsters who wanted to get into athletics. It stands for Ohio Wrestling Association for Youth.

There are five regions in Ohio, which govern where kids can compete.

Four kids per region were allowed to be in the recent competition Fenton won.

He had to travel to Toledo to do his regional competition.

His dad said his record so far this season is 71-10.

After he competes in the OAC tournament he will also be in the NU-WAY National tournament.