A look at Bellville’s past

This photograph is from Bellville’s past. The photo first ran in the Feb. 22nd. edition of the Bellville Star.

Judy Davis said the woman on the right was, possibly, Wilma Williams.

The Daughter of Wilma Williams recently notified us that the woman on the right of this photo is not her Mother, Wilma Williams. But that her Mother did teach the Fourth grade and taught in the white building. She does recognize Donna Grubb, however does not know who the woman on the right of this photo could be.

Donna Hallman, whose maiden name was Donna Grubb, did let us know that she was the lady on the left. She said that she and Wilma Williams taught in a small building housing the third, fourth and fifth grades. She believes that the building in the background of this photo is the building in which they taught. Donna taught the third grade and Wilma taught the fourth grade. Donna is now 84 years young.

If you have any further information on this photo, please contact us at the Bellville Star Office, 107 Main St. Or you may email information to lswartzwalder@aimmediamidwest.com.