Bellville police reports

March 14

Mill St — An officer was dispatched for a possible assault. Upon arrival, the officer met with the victim, a 31 year-old Shreve woman, who had marks on her face. The woman was offered medical help but refused it. The victim told the officer she was assaulted by a male on Main Street. The reason for the alleged assault is unclear and is under investigation.

State Route 97 west — This department took a theft report for a missing work bag and laptop. The victim stated after pumping gas at Speedway and going inside the establishment, he returned to find his work bag and laptop missing from the front seat of his unlocked vehicle. A short while later, this office was called by the victim who stated

he found his bag, at home, by the front door, and had apparently forgot to grab it as he normally does.

March 15

State Route 97 west. – A traffic stop was conducted on a Ford F-150, while an officer was patrolling State Route 97 west.

The vehicle, occupied by two persons, pulled in to the Speedway. Contact was made with the driver, a 47 year-old white male of Mount Vernon, and the passenger, a 24 year-old white female, also of Mount Vernon. While conducting the traffic stop the officer detected an odor of burnt marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. Both people were removed from the vehicle and questioned about this odor. Several illegal items, including a stolen fire arm, a variety of drugs and a very large sum of money were located inside the vehicle.

– Bell St – A female subject arrived on station stating she was being harassed and threatened by her ex. The officer made contact with the ex and advised him that he needed to cease all contact unless it was referencing their child. The male subject advised he would not be any trouble and would stop all contact unless it involved their child.

– Yorkshire Rd – On this date, an officer was dispatched to this location due to a resident stating a Village snow plow hit his mailbox. He stated his neighbor witnessed the event and saw as the driver got out and took pictures but he had not heard from anyone in regards to the damage. The officer took additional pictures and passed the information along to get the damage taken care of.


– SR 97 W/71 NB Ramp – While patrolling the area, an officer witnessed a vehicle driving with only its fog lights on. As the vehicle began to accelerate, the officer could hear excess noise coming from the muffler. He initiated a traffic stop by activating his overhead lights. The officer made contact with the occupants in the vehicle and learned that neither occupant had a valid operator’s license. The driver was permitted to contact someone to come and retrieve the vehicle and give them a ride home. She was given a warning for the loud exhaust and cited for no operator’s license and for failure to use headlights in darkness.


– Love’s – This department was dispatched to said location due to dispatch receiving a call stating it appeared someone was possibly using drugs inside of a vehicle. The officer made contact with the driver who stated he had a flat tire and was waiting on a tow truck to come and assist. The occupants both denied any drug use and none were found. While checking on their information through dispatch, the officer learned that the passenger had a warrant for his arrest. He was transported to the Richland County Jail on the warrant.