Bellville police reports

March 27

Comfort Inn – An officer was dispatched to this location for a report of found property. When the officer arrived, he was met by a guest of the hotel who stated she found some drug paraphernalia on the top shelf of the closet in her room the night before. She stated she turned said item over to staff management but wanted to make sure she spoke with an officer directly before checking out of her room. The officer made contact with management and took possession of the item.

Appleseed Drive – While patrolling, the officer noticed a car that had a 2017 county sticker on its license plate and that the vehicle also had an excessively loud exhaust. The officer initiated a traffic stop, using his overhead lights. The officer approached the vehicle and made contact with the driver. The driver stated he had just gotten back into town and didn’t realize his plates were expired. Upon running the occupant’s information through dispatch, the officer learned that the driver was under suspension. Because the passenger had a valid license, they were permitted to switch positions. The driver was then cited for expired plates and driving under suspension. He was also given a warning for the loud exhaust.

State Route 97 West – While on routine patrol, the officer on duty was unable to read the license plate of a vehicle so a traffic stop was initiated. During the stop, the officer detected an odor of marijuana. The officer questioned the driver who denied having anything in the vehicle but then handed the officer a “bud” of marijuana. The officer asked if there was anything else, and was handed a glass pipe. The officer then asked the driver to step out and a search of the vehicle was conducted. Nothing else was located. The driver was then issued a citation for no license plate light and a summons for being in possession of marijuana and possessing drug paraphernalia.

March 29

Bell Street – A subject arrived on station claiming they had just received a check in the mail for a horse that they were selling online but were advised by their bank that the check was not valid and that they were possibly being scammed. This case in under investigation.

March 31

State Route 13 – While on patrol, the officer on duty saw a vehicle that was swerving and had crossed over the white fog line several times. The officer initiated a traffic stop by activating his overhead lights. When the officer approached the vehicle, he immediately detected an odor of alcoholic beverage. The driver stated he was leaving home and was heading home. The officer questioned the driver who then stated he was leaving a bar but had not had anything to drink. The driver agreed to participate in some field sobriety testing. These tests showed several clues and he was then placed under arrest. The driver was allowed to call to have someone retrieve his vehicle while he was transported to the Highway Patrol for a breathalyzer test. The driver was cited for OVI and marked lanes.

River Rock – An officer was dispatched to the listed location for an alarm going off. The officer arrived on scene and noticed some old damage to some of the exterior doors. Upon further inspection, the officer found an unsecured door. Upon entry of the building, once back-up arrived, no one was found to be inside. Nothing appeared to be missing or out of place. A key holder arrived on scene shortly thereafter and came to the same conclusion as the officers did.