School officials quiz Bellville Village Council on growth, infrastructure

BELLVILLE — Village officials were quizzed about their capacity to support some types of development at last Tuesday’s council meeting.

Kyle Beveridge, Clear Fork Valley School District president, and Janice Wyckoff, superintendent, appeared before council to discuss the district’s plan to sell 44 acres of land it owns in Hamilton Hills.

Beveridge — in his run to be on the school board — had proposed the school district sell that land because it would aid the district in the future.

Beveridge said he has talked to builders who have said the area could be divided into 35 lots, usable for building 34 houses.

But, he said he doesn’t “want to promote” this area to developers if there is not sufficient strength in the infrastructure.

He also queried council members about problems the village has had with odor emanating from the water and sewer system.

Village administrator Larry Weirich said the water plant handles up to 330,000 gallons a day. He said allowing 34 houses in would probably add 32,000 gallons in use a day. He said taking care of water needs shouldn’t be an issue.

Weirich said “being perfectly honest,” he couldn’t answer about the “smell issue.”

Weirich said the village is hauling sludge every three months. and as long as it keeps moving it out, it will keep the plant fresh.

Beveridge said he has spoken with Butler Mayor Joe Stallard about the capacity of a new plant they are going to be building.

The facilites at that plant could be used, Beveridge said, and the board will probably go in that direction.

A five-year projection shows the school district is going to be in the red, he said. Clear Fork schools have to decide whether they want to “tax or grow.”

He said he prefers to grow.

Beveridge said he wants to “make sure the eggs are lined up.”

The school district is planning to auction the land in Hamilton Hills in June or July, said Beveridge. It will be a reserve auction and the district could reject any offers.

Wyckoff said the school district wants to “maximize” returns from an auction.


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