Bellville police reports

April 6

State Route 13 at Village Limits – The officer on duty noticed a vehicle passing him without a front license plate. The officer initiated a traffic stop for the offense and immediately smelled a strong odor of alcoholic beverage emitting from the vehicle. The officer ran both occupants information through dispatch and learned that the driver had a suspended license. The passenger admitted to having some alcoholic beverages after work. The driver agreed to participate in some field sobriety tests and was found to not be intoxicated. The driver was cited for driving under suspension and not wearing his seat belt. He was given a warning for the front license plate and both were released to the passenger’s sister who arrived on scene to take possession of the vehicle.

April 8

State Route 97 – While on routine patrol, the officer on duty witnessed a vehicle make a right hand turn, off of the exit ramp, without utilizing his turn signal and also not staying within the turn lane. The officer initiated a traffic stop and smelled an overwhelmingly strong odor of alcohol emitting from the driver. The officer requested the driver’s information and ran it through dispatch. The officer also requested that the driver participate in some field sobriety tests, and several clues were detected. The driver was asked to take a breathalyzer test but he declined on the advice of counsel. He was given several opportunities to take the test and refused. The driver was cited for OVI, marked lanes and failure to use turn signal. He was released to a sober friend who arrived on scene.

State Route 13 – While on patrol, an officer saw a vehicle traveling north on State Route 13. This vehicle began to drift off the roadway and at one point, it crossed into the parking spaces in front of Fast Eddies. The officer initiated a traffic stop. The occupants within the vehicle began to move quickly, as if they were possibly hiding something. The officer made contact with the driver and immediately smelled an odor coming from inside the vehicle. The driver immediately admitted that he did not have a valid license and was driving only because no one else knew how to get to their destination. All occupant information was ran through dispatch, with no warrants returning. The officer inquired as to the odor of marijuana and the owner of the vehicle stated there were “roaches” in the car but that was it. The officer searched the vehicle and did not locate anything further. The driver was issued a citation for driving under suspension and marked lanes. The vehicle was then taken over by a licensed driver and all persons left the scene.

April 9

Main Street – An officer was dispatched to the listed location to take a report of criminal damaging. Upon arrival, the caller stated her ex-boyfriend called her, telling her that he kicked in her door and was waiting for her to come home so they could talk about their relationship. When the caller arrived home, her ex-boyfriend was gone but her door was kicked in. A summons was issued to the male subject and advised of his court date.

April 10

Piper Road – Because someone had made a false report regarding a domestic situation, an officer made contact with the subject and issued her a summons.

Love’s – An officer was dispatched to the listed location in reference to a possible drug offense with a suspect that had just left the store. The officer was able to make contact with the driver who stated he was at Love’s and he had a receipt for the purchase he made. The driver was made aware of the reason for the stop and stated it was not his. Another agency reviewed the surveillance footage and based on the description the officer was provided, it was clearly not the driver who was stopped. The officer thanked the driver for his time and he was sent on his way. The officer then made his way back to Love’s, viewed the surveillance footage and took possession of the suspected drugs.

April 13

Love’s – An officer was dispatched to the listed location to take a report about subjects in the parking lot who were panhandling. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the subject who was said to have been panhandling. During this discussion, the male subject denied doing so. Love’s requested that they leave the property; they told the officer that the vehicle was broke down so they pushed the vehicle to the Wendy’s parking lot. They were advised to remain in their vehicle and to not be panhandling anymore. Due to receiving yet another call, not long after speaking with the individuals, an officer had to go back there. At this time, the vehicle was towed and the driver was placed on an eight-hour hold at the jail and issued a summons due to being intoxicated in public while panhandling.