Music, dancing, comedy: Opera house variety show had it all

CLEAR FORK VALLEY — The village’s opera house came to life Friday night at a variety show, where performers of all ages and talents gave those attending a glimpse at not really shy performers.

The show nearly filled the second floor opera house, which sits above offices in village hall.

There were singers, dancers, guitar and piano players. And, one young man without an ounce of fear showed people why he should be taken seriously.

Samuel Brandes, wearing a curly head of hair (a wig) took the stage and displayed inventive dance steps.

Several performers were repeats from last year’s event. Others are people known in the community.

Deanna Boyd, wearing a flashy pink dress, sang a song from “Pocahantas.” It was “Colors of the wind.” She was lauded by village mayor Teri Brenkus for having helped prepare popcorn, which was sold along with various candies. Receipts from those sales are going to support the operations of the opera house.

Boyd goes to the Richland School of Academic Arts.

Doug Wertz, on the opera house committee, announced performers. Brenkus gave a small talk before the event, reminding people of spring time events.

Brenkus told people about the refurbishment of the entry way to village hall. A three-tiered fountain is going to be added to the brick patio which leads to the front door.

The leading performer was Fritz Ackerman, known for his tales, and of course, guitar talents.

Ackerman said he always gets invited to these events because sponsors want to “lower the quality of the overall show.”

He told the crowd he had a new pair of shoes, obtained at Goodwill. He said they were moccasins, because of his support of native Americans.

He said they weren’t made of snakeskin, because in that case they would be “water moccasins.”

One song lauded Lizzie Borden, known for his skill with an ax.

“You can’t chop your mom up in Massachusetts,” he said.

The show was long enough to require an admission. Local performer Luke Watson, singer/guitar player, performed in the second half. The group Pale Criminal, sang “God only knows.”

This group is composed of Mikey Brenkus, mayor Brenkus’ son, Logan Conner, Maddie Darsee and Isiaiah Papst.

Other performers were Dane Noe and Damian Boyd, performing jazz; ballet performer Kylie Detterman; Caleb Oates on instruments; Rachel Schuiling, solo; Piersen Schuiling, piano solo; and Kristy Hergatt, piano and vocal.

Samuel Brandes shows his stuff, in his performance at the variety show presented Friday night at the Bellville opera house. Brandes shows his stuff, in his performance at the variety show presented Friday night at the Bellville opera house.





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