Bellville Village Council members discuss annexation, money issues

BELLVILLE — The possible annexation of 40 acres in the I-71 State Route 97 corridor is moving along, council members were told at the Tuesday village council meeting.

Larry Weirich, village administrator, told council trustees in Washington Township, where the land is located, have not contested the acquisition. The issue was taken to Richland County commissioners, who also approved the move.

Weirich said the process should take 90 to 120 days because of necessary paperwork.

Relocation of a water line in Palm Park is partially completed, Weirich said. The county is still completing its work on the box culvert.

Mayor Teri Brenkus told council members she helped kids on a field trip at Malabar Farm State Park. She said going in, the kids said they all wanted to be engineers.

“By the time they were all done, they all wanted to be mayor,” she said.

The project to put in a huge flag at Love’s outside Bellville is also moving closer. A huge box has arrived, containing the flag, Brenkus said. The box is being shipped to Kokosing, which is handling part of the installation project. Work is being done on the area where the flag will be placed, she said.

Brenkus said lots of trash was picked up on days people worked on cleaning the bike trail. On “Dumpster Day,” over 200 loads of trash was collected.

Scott Belcastro, representing Trebelllc, an energy services company, appeared before council. He told council his agency is interested in working with the village on energy aggregation issues. He asked council members about the status of any aggregation on natural gas.

He was told other possible aggregators had told council the rates provided by Columbia Gas could not be beaten by his group.

Belcastro told council he thought there are ways to get discounts in that area.

Finance committee of council met before the regular meeting. This group had been working with Police Chief Ron Willey on several issues, including pay ranges for officers.

Committee member Jason Potes said the thought was that rates should be put in so people could know where they could go, as far as pay rates. Pay ranges in many places state an employee could have the expectation of hiring in at $32,000 and maybe moving up to $86,000.

This group of council members discusses financial issues at a Tuesday meeting. Louise Swartzwalder | Bellville Star group of council members discusses financial issues at a Tuesday meeting. Louise Swartzwalder | Bellville Star





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