Clear Fork school board gets report on new buildings

CLEAR FORK VALLEY — School board members were at last week’s school board meeting construction on two new elementary buildings — in Butler and Bellville – is proceeding well.

Tim Moon, of Adena Constrution, said Butler is “considerably ahead of schedule.” Workers are already “seeding the ball field” there, he said.

Construction in Bellville is “more of a challenge,” he said. One building is being placed so close to the existing building that it is “right on it,” he said.

School officials have said the Butler building should be ready for occupation by the end of the year. It has not been determined when the Bellville building will be ready.

Treasurer Bradd Stevens told the board figures show the revenues have exceeded expenditures for the fiscal year.

Real estate reappraisals meant values for properties increased by $5 million, he said. But agricultural CAUV values decreased by over $ 9 million, he said. So the overall district property evaluation actually decreased.

The district is getting ready to finalize plans to sell over 40 acres of property in Hamilton Hills. Stevens said the land shouild be appraised by the 20th, then advertised after 30 days. When the land is auctioned, it can be sold by parcels or as a whole.

The district can accept or deny bids.

The board approved a resolution establishing a Clear Fork Valley Education Foundation Fund. This will be used to honor “educators” who have gone beyond the call of duty, according to school board president Kyle Beveridge.

Beveridge said someone who writes a grant appliction doesn’t necessarily “get paid for the writing” to get the grant.

The fund will be financed by a .5 per cent transfer of funds from the general fund of the total appropriations of the school district.

Beveridge said this means about $89,000 could be placed in the fund, where it could be invested ” more aggressively.”

A commitee composed of officers, all building principals and two board members, will govern operations of the fund.

The board approved a new three-year contract for superintendent Janice Wyckoff. Other short and long-term contracts also were approved.






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