Council plans flagpole; hears resident’ concerns


BELLVILLE — Village leaders are proceeding with plans to install a giant flagpole at the Love’s station facility outside town.

Workers have put in place a foundation for the flagpole. It will probably be erected next week.

Council had a lengthy meeting Tuesday night, punctuated by two executive sessions.

Before those sessions, council heard from two residents: David Griffon, owner of Griffon Jewelers, and Jim Graham.

Graham wanted to talk about problems in the area with dogs. He said he hears them at 7 in the morning, and wanted to know what plans council has to deal with dog barks.

A council committee has been working on formulating some type of ordinance governing that problem.

Griffon told council members he is troubled by the fact a dumpster he was using, placed in an alley next to his store, was moved. This was done without his knowledge, he said.

Griffon said the dumpster was moved, which scarred the surface of the parking lot behind his store.

Griffon, formerly on council, said he “would have liked” that out of courtesy and respect, he would have been contacted.

He said he was called “childish” for wanting to fix the roof of his building.

The dumpster had been placed outside his building to handle debris.

Village administrator Larry Weirich said he had spoken to the contractor handling the dumpster, and that person had said the dumpster would be moved at the end of the day.

Weirich said he had received telephone calls from people concerned about the dumpster blocking the alley.

When he saw that the dumpster had not been moved, he had village crews move it, said Weirich.

Griffon said he was worried that he would be “hassled and called childish” for his concern about fixing up his building.

Mayor Teri Brenkus said she didn’t recall anything being said about anyone being childish and was sorry if Griffon took any statements that way.

She said the statement was about “two grown men behaving that way” and left her explanation at that.

Griffon said “I see where you are going with this.”

During the course of the conversation, Griffon consulted his cell phone, where he had apparently taken notes about the conversation.

Weirich said that “going forward” village officials should have some kind of information governing such occurrences. A village ordinance says alleys should not be blocked for more than 20 minutes,Weirich said.


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