A 57 ’ Chevy, yours for the asking at Bellville garage sales

BELLVILLE — If you were looking for a vintage ‘57 Chevy, the annual garage sales in Bellville Thursday had a mighty fine offering for you.

Richard Tucker, selling on Highland Avenue, said he had the Chevy four years, bought as part of a 50th wedding anniversary celebration for his wife.

But he was agreeing to give it up, reluctantly.

This blue Chevy was offered at $23,000. Tucker said he had put in a number of new parts. It is an automatic, with electronic ignition.

He had recently put in two new carburetors at $250 each.

A lot of stuff under the hood had also been replaced, said Tucker.

If you weren’t looking for the ‘57 Chevy, you could find unused tvs, pots and pans, clothing, textiles, books, rugs and antiques.

One enterprising sales person, Brielle Sautter, had a display of straw bales.

She said she had been using those for the area she keeps for her dog, a pit bull/mastiff mix.

She said he was no longer interested in those straw bales, so she was offering them in two sizes — for $4 or $2.

A discerning buyer could have figured those were perfect for this season, when people are planting vegetables and flowers and those sometimes need a little company.

The annual garage sales run Thursday through Saturday.

Some sales were run as combination enterprises, with four or five families participating.

The sales draw people from all over, backers say. Several Amish people, who had been conveyed by buggy, were buying pots and pans and textiles.

There were discarded exercise bikes, lots of unwanted power cords, coloring books, vintage era books plus paper backs.

If cooking is your thing, you could also find enormous selections of cookbooks.

Participants have been said to mass lots of money, up to $1,000.

One display has a combination of re-purposed items, like old bits of farm equipment. Some of the items in places like that are definitely finds — an old railroad lantern, old horse collars.

The prices range up from 25 cents.

A fine rug could be had for $20.

Ruth Shinabarker, with the Bellville Jefferson Township Historical Society, had several beautiful pieces of clothing, child size.

Those items are popular with many collectors, because many are made with much finer fabric than is available now.



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