Bellville police reports

May 18

Church Street – The officer on duty was dispatched to the listed location to take a report of property damage. The owner stated he found a rock on this sidewalk and later noticed a crack and some missing siding under the window, near the rock. Pictures were taken and extra patrols are being done in the area.

May 30

Bellville North Road – This department was dispatched to area for a vehicle that was off the roadway and stuck. Upon arrival, the officer observed a vehicle that was stuck in the mud, off the roadway, near Palm Park. The officer met with the State Highway Patrol who advised him that when he approached the vehicle, the male subject was slumped over with a bottle of beer in his hand and the vehicle was in reverse. The Patrolman turned the subject’s vehicle off and placed the subject in custody. The Bellville Officer searched the vehicle and located a bottle of pills, with no label. Driver advised they were his. The Officer requested the driver participate in some field sobriety tests which the driver was unable to do because of his condition.

East Street – This department took a report referencing stalking. The victim stated her ex-boyfriend placed a tracking device on her vehicle to keep track of her movements. She would like a report made so this event is on file. This case is under investigation.

May 31

Main Street – While patrolling the officer on duty witnessed as a vehicle made a left hand turn without using the turn signal. The officer initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the driver who provided all requested information but appeared to be nervous. The officer was familiar with this subject so he was unsure why the subject was so nervous. The officer requested identification from the passenger as well; the passenger said she did not have it on her but provided the officer with her name and social security number. Upon running the occupants’ information through dispatch, the officer learned that the passenger had a warrant out of California with full extradition. The officer requested backup due to the strange behavior of the driver. Once backup arrived, the officers then requested that the passenger step out of the vehicle, and she did. She was then placed under arrest and transported to the Richland County Jail. The driver was given a warning for the speed and turn signal violations.

Duke and Duchess on State Route 97 West – An officer was dispatched to the listed location for a report of theft. Upon arrival, the officer met with the manager who stated a black Chevrolet pulled up to a pump and a female subject exited the driver’s side. The male subject exited the passenger seat and got in the driver’s seat while the female entered the store. The male subject then backed into a parking spot near the front of the store. While in the store, the female proceeded to take over $150 worth of gum. Surveillance provided a license plate and clear images of the suspects. This case is open and under investigation.

May 31

Duke and Duchess – The on duty officer was dispatched o this location for two juvenile females who were broken down in the parking lot. The officer spoke with both juveniles but was hesitant to believe their story. After running their information through dispatch, with nothing coming back, the officer advised them to call him back if they needed further assistance. After being contacted by a local tow truck driver, the officer made contact with these females again, this time at the McDonalds. While speaking with the girls further, the officer became more skeptical and proceeded to question the girls about contacting their parents to assist with repairing the vehicle. The girls began to get defensive with tears in their eyes. The officer asked for the real story and then learned that the girls were in fact runaways. The officer placed them in the back of his cruiser while he sorted the details out. After making contact with the Madison County Sheriff’s Department in Alabama, it was decided that the officer would take the girls to the detention center for their safety until their parents could get to Ohio to pick them up.

Markey Street – This department was dispatched to this location for a report of a theft. Upon arrival, the victim stated their book bag was stolen. He stated he set it down in front of his residence and went next door to chat for a second and when he came back it was gone. The victim stated there was a tablet, phone, charger, wallet and some other items in the bag. All items have since been located and are back with their owner.

June 1

Mickey Mart – This department was dispatched to the listed location due to the theft of a large bottle of vodka. The officer made contact with the manager on duty and learned that the subject took the bottle, left the store and was seen entering the Quality Inn. The officer made his way to the Quality Inn but was unable to locate the suspect. This case is under investigation.

June 4

Mickey Mart – The officer on duty was dispatched to the listed location for a fight in the middle of State Route 97 West. When the officer arrived, he observed a white male laying in the grassy area with employees of Mickey Mart and Dunkin Donuts standing over him. The officer approached and asked for an explanation of events. One witness stated that this male subject had been stealing vodka from the Mickey Mart for the last three days. On this day he had come in and grabbed a bottle, attempting to buy it. Because it was Sunday, he was unable to. He then proceeded to walk out of the store with it. When confronted, the male subject became aggressive and placed his hand on the Dunkin Donuts clerk who, in self-defense, punched the male subject knocking him to the ground and detaining him until the police were able to arrive on scene. The male subject was arrested and taken to the Richland County Jail where he was served with a summons for theft and a no trespass order.

Village View Apartments – This department’s police clerk took a call about the theft of some appliances from one of their units where theye had enlisted work from a scrapper. When they went back to the apartment to check on the work done and to lock up, they noticed that what was supposed to have been taken was still there but the stove, refrigerator, ac unit and the pots and pans were missing. The apartment manager called the scrapper they had used but was told they did not take the items in question. This case is under investigation as there were witnesses who saw the items being removed from the apartment.

June 5

Love’s – This department was dispatched to the listed location to speak with some individuals who were going around asking for money from other patrons. When the officer arrived on scene, he was able to locate the individuals who stated they were not soliciting money from anyone. The officer made contact with the employees and a couple different customers who all stated these individuals were asking for money. The one customer stated he was willing to put money in their gas tank but they refused demanding cash. The officer spoke with the subjects again and informed them that they were trespassed from the property and told if they are found to be on the property again, they would be arrested and charged. They stated they understood and left the area.

Main Street – This department was dispatched to this area for a runaway juvenile. The officer took a report and entered the juvenile into NCIC. A short while later, the officer was contact via dispatch and informed that the juvenile had returned home and assistance was needed at the home. The officer arrived and assisted the family.

June 6

Main Street – The on duty officer was dispatched this address to assist with a very upset and agitated individual. Upon arrival, the officer decided for the safety of the individual and those in the home, he would transport the individual to Ohio Health for treatment.

June 7

Mill Street – This department was dispatched to the listed location to take a report of property damage. The manager stated a company was there to deliver some items. She had to leave before they were done. She stated she received a phone call shortly after leaving stating the power lines that were connected to the building had been knocked down and were hanging in the parking lot. She did not believe it was done on purpose or even with knowledge. A report was made.

State Route 13 – While assisting Ohio Highway Patrol with a traffic stop, a motorcycle passed by with no license plates. As the motorcycle passed by, the driver looked behind him several times, as if to see if the officer was following. The officer did pull out behind the motorcycle and observed as it pulled into a church parking lot and into a parking spot. The officer pulled up behind the motorcycle and made contact with the driver who seemed to be nervous during the encounter with the officer. The officer requested all information, and the driver said he did not have his wallet on him and his information is in it and must be at home. The officer obtained the driver’s name and social security number, ran his information through dispatch and learned that the male subject did have a valid driver’s license but did not have a motorcycle endorsement. The driver was issued a citation for no motorcycle endorsement and given a warning for no license plate on the bike.

June 8

Love’s – An officer was requested at the listed location to take a report for a stolen laptop. The victim stated she pumped gas and went in to the store and left. Later that day, she realized that her laptop was missing from her vehicle. She requested that we make contact and view the surveillance video to see if we could see anything. This case is under investigation.

Mill Street – While observing traffic, an officer noticed a vehicle traveling in excess of the posted speed limit. The officer conducted a traffic stop. During the stop, he detected an odor of marijuana. When the officer questioned the occupants of the vehicle, both initially denied smoking marijuana and having it in the vehicle. After talking, the driver reached into the ashtray and pulled out a few roaches and handed them to the officer. The officer then began a consensual search of the vehicle after all occupants, including two small children, exited the vehicle. The officer located a purse with a baggie of marijuana and additional roaches. He then located paraphernalia in the ashtray. The driver was then issued a summons for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, along with a citation for speeding.

June 10

State Route 97 West – An officer observed as a vehicle traveled on State Route 97 West without a license plate light. A traffic stop was initiated. The driver was found to be un-insured, having an expired Texas license and without an Ohio license. The driver was issued a citation for driving under suspension and permitted to call a licensed driver to pick up the vehicle and himself.

State Route 97 West – While patrolling State Route 97 West, the officer on duty observed a vehicle without both headlights being operational. A traffic stop was conducted. The officer advised the driver of the stop and requested the driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance. The license came back as expired. The passenger was valid but unable to take control of the vehicle as this person was highly intoxicated. The officer advised them to try to contact a valid licensed driver. Neither party was able to do so. The driver was able to park the vehicle and rent a hotel room for the night. A citation was issued for driving with an expired license.

Main Street – The officer on duty was dispatched to the listed location for a report of theft. The officer responded and met with the complainant and was told that her car jack was stolen out of her vehicle. The officer advised the complainant he would do a report for theft and continue to do extra patrols in the area.

State Route 97 West Speedway – An officer was dispatched to this location due to a vehicle driving off with the gas pump and breaking the system. The officer was informed by the clerk that a male subject did come into the station and provided all of their information for insurance purposes and left the area. A report was also made for insurance purposes with no charges to the male subject as he was willing to provide all necessary information to get their equipment fixed.