Bellville police reports

June 18

Alley off Main Street — On this date, an officer was dispatched to a call referencing a robbery. Upon arrival the victim stated that she had been knocked down — from behind — the night before. Victim stated her purse was stolen. The officer was advised of the location of events. Officers are investigating the statement of facts provided by the victim.

June 20

Markey Street — This department was contacted regarding a juvenile who ran away from home. The mother claimed that her child was unable to be reached and was unsure of where they may have gone. The mother received word of a possible location, but after officers responded and checked, the juvenile was unable to be located. The juvenile reached out again, stating they would be home in the morning, but did not return. Later in the day, mom called back in stating her child had returned home and was safe. The officer on duty went and spoke with the juvenile and explained to the mother her options as to how she could proceed, and if she wanted to press charges for running away from home.

June 21

Main Street — On this date, while patrolling, an officer observed as a vehicle drove left of center twice. The officer initiated a car stop by activating the car’s over-heads. Upon approach of the vehicle, the officer observed the driver to have slurred speech and bloodshot eyes, along with the smell of alcohol on the driver’s breath. After speaking with the driver, the officer requested the driver to exit the vehicle to participate in some field-sobriety testing. The driver agreed to participate and at this time, exited the vehicle. The driver had a difficult time completing these tests, stating he had medical impairments. At this point, the officer transported the driver to the Lexington Police Department for a breathalyzer test. Based on the breathalyzer test results, the driver was found to be under the influence. At this time, the driver was issued a citation for driving under the influence and for marked lanes. The driver was made aware of his court date and both occupants of the vehicle were released to a sober and valid driver.

June 23

Main Street — While on patrol, an officer on duty noticed a vehicle traveling on Main Street with no working license plate light. The officer initiated a traffic stop by activating his overhead lights. Upon approach of the vehicle, and speaking with the driver, the officer detected a heavy odor of alcohol coming from inside the vehicle. While the driver was retrieving their information, the officer spoke with the passenger of the vehicle, noting that the passenger had delayed reactions, slow speech and was uncoordinated. After gathering information on all of the occupants of the vehicle, it was found that the only valid driver was the front seat passenger. After speaking with the other occupants of the vehicle, who all stated that the front seat passenger had not been drinking, the officer proceeded to ask if that passenger would participate in field sobriety testing. The subject agreed to the testing. Several indicators were detected, at which time the officer had the passenger sit in the patrol car. The officer returned to the vehicle and asked if the driver would participate in the field sobriety testing, to which they agreed. At this time, the driver was successful on the testing but was not able to legally drive a vehicle due to a suspension of her driver’s license. When asked if someone would be available to retrieve the vehicle, the driver stated that no one was available. All passengers were asked to step out of the vehicle at this time. The officer requested a tow truck for the vehicle. The driver was cited for driving under suspension. The rear passenger received a summons for open container in a motor vehicle and the front seat passenger received a summons for underage consumption.

June 24

Main Street — On this date an an officer was dispatched to a residence regarding property damages. The Officer arrived and made contact with the property owner. Damages were pointed out to be on a vehicle at the property, noting that the complainant stated they most likely occurred late in the evening hours or early morning. The officer observed the damages, taking photos and information.