Bellville police reports

June 26

Love’s Gas Station on Ohio 97 West — While on patrol, the officer on duty observed a male subject who appeared to be hitchhiking. The officer turned his vehicle around, in order to make contact with the male subject. At this time, the male subject began jogging away, appearing to be attempting to avoid the officer. The officer was able to make contact with the male subject who stated he was jogging from his dad’s house in Bellville to his mom’s house in Mansfield. The officer requested the male’s identification. Male subject was unable to provide any but did offer his date of birth to the officer, along with his name. Dispatch was able to locate the male subject’s information and confirmed to the officer that he had an active warrant out of Richland County for a probation violation. Due to the active warrant, the subject was placed under arrest and transported to the Richland County Jail.

Main Street — The officer on duty observed as a vehicle passed him with the driver appearing to be avoiding eye contact with him. The Officer then ran a random license plate check on the vehicle and returned the owner was suspended, the Officer then initiated a traffic stop. The driver informed the officer that this was a mix-up and she had taken care of the situation the week prior. Due to dispatch still showing her suspended, the officer issued her a citation for driving under suspension. She was informed that she would need to appear in court to prove she was, in fact, valid. The officer allowed the driver to contact a valid driver to retrieve her and the vehicle.

Park Place — While on patrol, in the Park Place area, Officers initiated a traffic stop for failure to use a signaling device. After proceeding with the stop and making contact with the driver and passenger, Officers noted several indicators of drug paraphernalia. While verifying the information of the occupants, the Officer spoke with the driver of the vehicle and received consent to search the vehicle. Once both occupants exited the vehicle, Officers conducted the search and retrieved several drug related items from the vehicle. The driver received a summons for drug paraphernalia and a warning for failure to use a turn signal device.

June 27

Comfort Inn — On this date an Officer was dispatched to the location in reference to stolen property. The Officer made contact with the manager who stated that the guest advised there was missing personal property from the room that they were staying in. The case remains under investigation.

Mill Street — While patrolling the area and conducting random vehicle plate checks, the check on a vehicle came back to a suspended license. Viewing the driver of the vehicle clearly, the Officer initiated a stop, and upon making contact the driver was advised for the reason of the stop. The driver was cited for driving under suspension and the vehicle was towed. A licensed driver was able to come provide transportation for the driver and the occupants of the vehicle.

Main Street — On this date while patrolling the Officer observed a vehicle with no front license plate and a shattered windshield. The Officer initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the subject. The license for the driver came back as a suspended license. At this time the subject was cited for driving under suspension and failure to display two license plates. The vehicle was towed.

June 28

Main Street While on patrol conducting business checks, the Officer also randomly running registrations, a plate came back with information from the BMV, the Officer may confiscate the plates and registration of the vehicle, on behalf of the registrar. Upon receiving this information the Officer contacted the BMV verifying the information. Once verified, the Officer took possession of and secured the plates. The owner of the vehicle was contacted by the Officer and made aware of the situation, and told the vehicle could not be driven without a valid plates. The owner stated that they would contact the BMV to remedy the situation.

State Route 97 — At the listed date and time, Officer on patrol observed the subject vehicle travelling at a higher rate of speed than the posted limit. The Officer activated radar and initiated a traffic stop. After stopping, and making contact with the driver of the vehicle, the Officer requested the driver information. While requesting the information the Officer observed that the driver was having trouble remembering what the Officer had requested. While speaking with the driver the Officer also detected the odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. At this time, the Officer requested documents from the passenger, as well. While speaking with the driver, a second Officer arrived on scene and both occupants of the vehicle were asked to exit the vehicle. While conducting a safety search on the passenger, the Officer was able to locate the marijuana. The driver of the vehicle was also searched for safety reasons, and nothing illegal was found on the subject. A search of the vehicle was conducted, more illegal items were located. All illegal items were taken as evidence by the Officer. A summons was issued for possession of marijuana to the occupant along with warnings for marked lanes and speed to the driver.

State Route 97 On this date and time while on patrol, Officer observed a vehicle with an obstructed license plate. While turning around the Officer was able to read the partial plate. Once the Officer received the information on the driver, who showed suspended, and vehicle, from the partial plate, noted that the driver not wearing a seat belt. The subject vehicle continued, at a high rate of speed, and once the Officer was able to reach the vehicle they initiated a traffic stop. Upon making contact with the driver, the Officer questioned if they were aware that they had a suspended license? The driver stated they were aware of that and also stated that they had no insurance for the vehicle. At this point, the driver was asked to exit the vehicle and was place into the patrol vehicle. The Officer informed the driver that the vehicle would be towed. Beginning the vehicle inventory form, the Officer was advised by the subject that there was marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. Once the items were located in the subject vehicle and secured with the Officer, the tow company arrived. The driver was cited for driving under suspension and no seat belt. Subject was given warnings for speed and rear-view mirror along with a summons for drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana.

June 30

State Route 97 East – On this date and time, the Officer patrolling observed as a vehicle did not display a proper turn signal and also had an extremely loud exhaust. The Officer initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the driver. While speaking with the subject the Officer noticed what appeared to be marijuana items on the front seat. All occupants of the vehicle gave their information to the Officer, who was advised by dispatch that all occupants were currently under suspension. Returning to the vehicle the Officer advised all of the subjects of the situation. Due to the circumstances, the Officer requested permission to search the vehicle and was given permission. Upon entering the vehicle the Officer detected the odor of marijuana and was able to locate it along with other drug paraphernalia items. At this time all occupants were detained. The Officer finished the search and contacted a tow company for the vehicle. Upon returning to the patrol vehicle the Officer issued a summons to an occupant for possession of marijuana, who had taken ownership, and a citation to the driver. All occupants of the vehicle were transported home by friends or family.

July 1

State Route 97 — While patrolling on this date and time, Officer had a vehicle pass that did not have a light on the license plate. After initiating a traffic stop, the Officer made contact with the driver who stated that they had a suspension but did have driving privileges. The Officer received information from dispatch that the driver was under suspension but at that time was operating outside of the privileges. The driver was given a citation and the passenger, who was a valid driver, was able to transport them back home.

Main Street While patrolling, the Officer observed a vehicle travelling in excess of the posted speed limit of 25 mph. The Officer operated their Radar, which indicated the subject was travelling above the allowed limit. The Officer initiated a traffic stop, and made contact with the driver. The driver was found to be operating under two types of suspensions. A citation was issued to the driver and the registered owner of the vehicle arrived to drive the vehicle home.