New Life centers on Christianity, community service

Originally founded in 1820 as the Bellville Church of Christ, New Life Church of Christ stands as one of Bellville’s oldest institutions.

“The Bellville Church of Christ moved from the building on Main Street that currently houses Smith Hardware to its current location on Durbin Avenue in 1968,” said New Life Church of Christ Senior Minister Steve Kistler. “The name was changed to New Life Church of Christ in 2001 and a building addition was completed in 2002.”

Along with addition to the building, New Life has built a rapport with its members and the community at large.

“We view our building as a community resource and host numerous events including safety town, Compassion in Action events, and many meetings of groups such as Boy Scouts, Fun and Friendship club and others,” said Kistler. “We also host a professional Christian counselor in our building. We work together with Heritage Christian Counseling in Mansfield to have a counselor in our community who is qualified and available. We also offer a free meal every third Wednesday of the month that is open to all. ”

In addition to serving the community of Bellville by hosting numerous events at their facility, the New Life Church of Christ believes their purpose is to further educate its church attendees.

“We have a purpose statement that is a description of the purpose of the church as described in the Bible,” said Kistler. “The New Life Church of Christ exists to show God’s love by reaching, by teaching and by serving. The primary purpose of the church is to be a place where people receive God’s love. We reach out to those who do not know God and to those who are hurting in order to represent Him. We teach the scriptures, because they are source of our knowledge about who God is and how he calls his people to live. We serve people because that is what Jesus did.”

Kistler also belives that New Life’s goal is to shape the community by being a source of assistance, hope, as well as a home to community members.

“We want to help people in a variety of ways,” he said. “Sometimes by material means, but often by emotional and spiritual support as well. We want to bring hope into people’s lives. Hope for eternity which comes through the salvation that is offered through Jesus Christ. Also hope that tomorrow can be better than today when we walk in the Spirit of God. Finally we seek to be a home for people, a place where we can take off our masks and be accepted and loved and challenged and encouraged and a place where we can belong.”

The minister also says that church members have a duty to grow the faith by acting as a disciple of Christianity.

“We are a church of disciples, making disciples, who will make disciples,” Kistler said. “A disciple of Jesus Christ is a follower of Jesus Christ. This is more than just believing, this is living our lives according to the way that He leads. Jesus calls us to not just believe, but to be fishers of men. “

New Life Church of Christ is located at 195 W. Durbin Circle in Bellville and can be reached at 419-886-3611. Their service times are 8:45 a.m. and 11 a.m. every Sunday.