Bellville police reports

July 24

State Route 97 West — While on patrol at the listed date and time, Officer observed vehicle without the proper light for rear license plate display. Officer continued with a random license plate check and found the vehicle identified not to be the vehicle matching the plate information. At this time, Officer activated overheads to initiate a traffic stop. Subject vehicle did not respond, Officer continued following and activated audible siren. After several miles, vehicle proceeded to slow and pull over to roadside. Upon approaching, Officer contacted driver and they were asked to exit vehicle, driver complied and stated that they did not have a valid license. Once Officer conducted a safety search of the subject, they were placed in Officer’s cruiser. Dispatch advised that the vehicle plates were found to belong to a previous owner of the vehicle. A tow vehicle was called, an inventory of the vehicle was completed and the driver and passenger were transported on station. Citations were issued for failure to comply, no operator’s license, fictitious plates, proper illumination of rear plate. The passenger and driver were released to a licensed driver.

July 26

State Route 97 — Officer was dispatched to location regarding a trespassing complaint. Officer contacted victim who stated that the subject had arrived and was creating issues. Victim stated that subject was no longer allowed on premises. Officer gathered information and cleared scene.

Main Street, Bellville — On the listed date and time, Officer was dispatched to the location in reference to a semi-truck allegedly striking the welcome sign of a business. Upon arrival, Officer was contacted by employees of the business who pointed to the subject truck nearby and stated that the vehicle ran over the rock island several times as well as hitting the sign. Officer made contact with the driver, who stated that they had missed their turn and was attempting to get out but was unable to, without running over the island and striking the sign. The Officer gathered information, photographed the damages and the driver was cited for improper backing.

July 28

Bellville — On the listed date and time, Officers were dispatched to the location regarding an auto crash. Upon arrival, Officers met with several witnesses who stated the vehicle was in a field. Officers then contacted EMS personnel that were on scene, who stated that the occupants were alright at this time. The Officers then contacted the occupants of the vehicle, questioning the driver, who stated that they had fallen asleep and then woke to find the vehicle striking a pole and ending up in the field. Questioning the passenger of the vehicle, they stated that they were asleep and did not know what had happened, only awaking when the vehicle was travelling off the roadway. Officer proceeded to take witness’ statements as assisting Officer contacted the tow company and a vehicle tow inventory was performed. During this time, Officer observed possible drugs and marijuana in the vehicle. Summons were issued and the investigation is pending.

State Route 97 — While on patrol, Officer observed subject vehicle fail to come to a complete stop, rolling through the posted stop sign. Officer initiated traffic stop by activating patrol car overheads. Upon making contact with the driver, the Officer detected the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The Officer asked the driver for identification and as the driver retrieved it, the Officer again noted a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Once the driver information was gathered, the Officer asked the driver to exit the vehicle, and where the drugs were located inside the vehicle. The driver then stated the location of the drugs. Unit arrived to assist and all occupants were asked to exit the vehicle. At this time a search of the vehicle was completed. Citations were issued for stop sign and possession of marijuana.

July 29

Loves Travel Stop — On this date and time, Officer was dispatched to listed location for a vehicle complaint. Upon making contact with a manager, vehicle was reported to be at one of the gas pumps for several days. Manager stated no contact had been made by to the company by the vehicle owner. Officer checked license plate of vehicle, verifying with dispatch the owner, and vehicle had not been reported stolen. Officer contacted tow company due to the length of time the vehicle was abandoned, owner contact attempted.

Bellville Officer was dispatched to listed location in regards to threats made to an employee. Contact was made with the victim, investigation is pending.

State Route 97 While on patrol on this date and time, Officer observed vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed. Officer activated radar and received a clear, crisp tone indicating the speed of the subject vehicle to be well over the posted limit. Officer activated patrol vehicle overheads, initiating a traffic stop and subject vehicle entered into a parking area of a business. Driver exited vehicle and began to use their cellphone. Officer made contact with the subject, and advised the person of the reason for the stop. At this time, the Officer requested the driver information, registration and proof in insurance. Officer noted the strong odor of alcohol on the subject while speaking with them. As subject retrieved the information, Officer noted several key indicators of alcohol use. Due to the indicators, Officer proceeded to conduct field sobriety testing on the subject, who had a very difficult time completing each task. Assisting Unit arrived and Officer proceeded to place subject under arrest for OVI. Towing company was called for the subject vehicle, inventory on the vehicle was completed and subject was transported to jail.