Bellville police reports

July 30

Bellville — On the listed date and time, Officer was dispatched to local business for a possible hit-skip on an employee’s vehicle. Officer made contact with the owner of the vehicle, who showed the Officer damages to the vehicle. Officer gathered information and cleared the area.

July 31

St. Rt. 97 — While on patrol at the listed date and time, Officer observed vehicle travel into the opposite lane of travel, while also observing the rear plate did not contain the required expiration and county stickers. Officer conducted a license plate check and verified the driver of the vehicle to match the owner on the registration and that the driver was currently suspended. Officer then activated overheads and initiated a traffic stop. Upon contacting the driver of the vehicle and requesting identification, the Officer detected the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. At this time the Officer requested the passenger information also. Dispatch confirmed that both occupants were suspended. Assisting Officer arrived and both occupants were asked to exit vehicle, a vehicle search was conducted and marijuana was recovered from the vehicle. A tow for was called for the vehicle, due to no one being available at that time to retrieve it. Driver was issued citation and summons, and both occupants were taken to a local business, where a family member was able to pick them up.

August 1

Mill Street — While on patrol, Officer observed vehicle complete a turn without signaling. Officer continued, verifying that a signal was not used during the turn. At this time, subject vehicle turned into a local business and Officer pulled in behind vehicle with overhead lights activated. Driver of the vehicle was contacted and told of the reason for the stop. The Officer requested information from the driver, and passenger, the driver was found to be valid with no warrants. The passenger of the vehicle was found to have an active warrant. Officer requested passenger to exit vehicle and they complied. A safety search was completed on the passenger and they were placed in the patrol vehicle. Driver was issued a warning for the turn signal and the passenger was transported to jail.

August 2

Church Street — On the listed date and time, Officer patrolling observed vehicle without the required rear license plate light. A traffic stop was initiated for the violation. While exiting the patrol vehicle, passenger in subject vehicle opened door, and began to exit the vehicle. Officer told passenger to remain in the car, they complied. Contact was made with the driver, who supplied the necessary identification but, the passenger, whom the Officer requested information from, gave several different names. Dispatch returned information on the driver, but could not confirm the passenger. Once the Officer began speaking with the passenger again, the passenger partially exited the vehicle. After speaking with the Officer, the passenger remained in the vehicle and did provide the correct identification to the Officer. Dispatch confirmed the identity of the passenger and that they had several warrants. The passenger was requested to exit the vehicle, and complied, then placed into the patrol cruiser. The driver was issued a warning, passenger was taken to jail.

Main Street On the listed date and time, Officer observed subject vehicle make a left turn and cross over the center line, then continued to cross over the center line several more times. Officer activated overheads and initiated traffic stop. Contact was made with the driver and passenger of the vehicle, Officer requested information from both occupants, which they provided. Dispatch confirmed that the driver did not possess a valid license and the passenger as having a warrant. Officer spoke with the passenger, requested them to exit vehicle and they complied. A safety search was conducted on the passenger, where marijuana was discovered and they were placed in the Patrol vehicle. Driver of the vehicle was requested to exit and they complied. Due to no one available to retrieve the driver and vehicle, a tow was called. While inventory was being completed on the vehicle, Officer discovered drug paraphernalia that the driver stated belonged to them. The Officer completed the inventory of the vehicle and the tow arrived. The passenger was taken to jail and the driver was issued summons and citation, and transported near their home.

Bellville — On the listed date and time, Officer was contacted by victim regarding domestic abuse. Officer spoke with victim and contacted suspect who stated that they were not responsible for the incident. During questioning the suspect did change their story. Family member arrived and transported victim out of the residence. A summons was issued on scene.

August 4

Bellville — While patrolling, Officer advised of individuals en route to listed location with a medical emergency. Officer observed subject vehicle arrive, noting that an occupant in the rear was in distress. The Officer made contact with all passengers, removing subject from vehicle, assessing the person. The Officer noted the odor of an illegal drug coming from the vehicle at this time. Squad arrived on scene, was briefed by Officer and loaded subject in to squad. Occupants of the vehicle were questioned, an illegal substance was turned over after questioning of one subject. The occupants were transferred on station for questioning. Citations and summons were issued. The person was transported to the hospital.