Bellville police reports

Aug. 27

Main Street — On the listed date and time, Officer observed subject vehicle fail to come to a complete stop at the clearly visible stop sign. Officer proceeded to follow vehicle, activated overheads and initiated the traffic stop. Officer approached vehicle and contacted the driver, who stated that they did not realize that they did not stop. Officer requested identification and vehicle information, driver supplied license. While occupant searched for the vehicle information, Dispatch returned information as driver’s license expired. At this point, the vehicle ownership was confirmed to an out of state person. The driver was issued a citation for expired license, a vehicle tow-inventory form was completed and the vehicle was towed due to no available driver/registered owner.

Aug. 28

Public Service — Officer received phone call from a person who stated that while they were parked at Loves Truck Stop, they were exiting the building and observed a person closing the back door of their moving truck. Subject quickly entered into a vehicle with another occupant and drove away before contact could be made. Caller was able to identify object that was taken from the truck and filed a report with the Officer.

State Route 13 — While on patrol, Officer observed vehicle exceeding posted speed limit. Officer activated radar and confirmed the vehicle speed, activated overheads and initiated the traffic stop. Driver supplied identification and vehicle insurance to Officer, who confirmed through Dispatch as suspended. Officer approached vehicle, informed the driver, who stated they thought they had driving privileges. Driver was cited for driving under suspension, given a warning for the speed and a person was called to drive the vehicle home. Once they arrived and were verified as valid, both subjects were able to leave. Officer cleared scene.

Kochheiser Road — While on patrol, Officer observed a suspicious vehicle parked in a lot. Officer conducted a RP search, which Dispatch confirmed as owner of the vehicle had a warrant. While this information was returning, Officer observed subject try to flee and hide under nearby equipment. Officer ordered subject to come out, they complied. A search was conducted on the subject, they were handcuffed and placed into the patrol vehicle. Subject was then transported to jail, where county of issued warrant would receive the person.

Aug. 30

Poorman Road While patrolling on this date and time, Officer observed subject display suspicious behaviors while passing. The Officer did a random license plate check and the vehicle came back as expired tags. The Officer caught up to the vehicle, again confirming the sticker showing expired, activated overheads and initiated a traffic stop. Driver stated that they were unaware of the expired registration, while providing their license and insurance information. The Officer confirmed the driver as under suspension. The driver was given a citation for DUS, the driver’s license was seized per the BMV, and a warning was issued for the expired tags.


Bellville — Officer was dispatched to assist another agency regarding an unresponsive person. The Officer arrived and the caller stated that the person was up and able to speak at this time. EMS arrived and the subject refused any medical attention. The subject then stated that they were going to a family member’s house.

Washington Township — On the listed date and time while patrolling, vehicle pulled out onto road directly in front of Officer, causing them to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting subject vehicle. Officer activated overheads and initiated a traffic stop. Upon approaching, Officer detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from inside the vehicle. Officer advised driver the reason for the stop and requested driver and vehicle information. The Officer contacted dispatch to confirm the information and advised them of the strong odor of alcohol in the vehicle. Officer approached vehicle again, and asked driver how much alcohol they had consumed, at this point driver became very nervous. They were requested to exit vehicle, which they complied and field sobriety testing was conducted. The driver was unable to successfully pass the tests and was offered a PBT test, which came back as over the legal limit. The driver was then placed under arrest, a vehicle tow inventory was completed, where open containers of alcohol were found, the vehicle was towed and the driver was transported to jail.

Sept. 1

Bellville — Subject on station to file a theft report. Subject stated that several items of value were taken from their home. A report was taken, this case is under investigation.

Bellville — On the listed date and time, Officer was dispatched to location for report of a suspicious person. Officer made contact with the caller, who stated a neighbor requested them to call. The subject was located, the Officer spoke with several people involved and the subject was transported to a nearby medical center where staff met with them.

Sept. 2

Bellville — Officer dispatched to listed location in reference to an individual reportedly having a breakdown. Upon arrival, Officer was met by family member, subject stated they wished to speak with a medical professional. Subject was then transported to medical facility, where they were met by staff