State delays work on school project

The Safe Routes to School Project has been delayed until the completion of next school year, Butler Mayor Kevin Carr told Butler Council members on June 22.

He said state funding would not be allocated to Butler in time to begin work this summer.

“Even if everything went perfect the earliest they could start would be the second or third week in August,” Butler Mayor Kevin Carr said.

He said plans now call for the project to start shortly after school ends next year.

In other business, Carr told council members the bridge project will be done before its projection by end of the year.

“They have accomplished what they needed to do with water removal on the south side and they have moved the same operation to the other side and when that is done they can set the culvert,” Carr said. “Then the hard part is done.”

Councilman Francis Divelbiss is moving out of Butler and has resigned his council seat. The other members have 30 days to find a replacement from the date of his official resignation, which will be in late July.

“We still have to address the open council seat,” Carr said. “I don’t want to have to do it. I want to leave it up to you guys.”