Foundation established to reward outstanding educators

Special event Saturday at Bellville school: Stacey Swank, interim principal at the Bellville elementary school, told the board about an open house and farewell to be held Saturday Sept. 15 from 2 to 4 p.m. There will be self-guided tours, and the Parent Teacher Organization will be selling tickets 50-50 tickets. The historical society will also be at that event.


BELLVILLE – The Clear Fork Valley School Board voted Monday to form a foundation which will use its resources to honor people within the system who have done outstanding work.

The idea was proposed by school board president Kyle Beveridge, who said the effort will “reward educators for going beyond the call of duty.”

The board earlier had voted to set aside one half of one percent of the budget to go into the foundation, which is $90,000.

Beveridge, who operates ESB Investments Inc., said the amount put into the foundation should be allowed to grow. The board voted to approve using the law firm of Weldon, Huston and Keyser to draft the trust agreement.

Beveridge said “what we do tomorrow sets our school district apart from other schools.”

The $90,000 put into the foundation could be pulled back into the budget, Beveridge said, if it is decided there are financial difficulties the district has to deal with.

There is a list of the “more progressive school districts” in the state, Beveridge said.

“Our name will be on it,” he said.

Getting the foundation so it will be in a working state will take time, said superintendent Janice Wyckoff. The idea is not to let the $90,000 dwindle to nothing, she said. It should grow, she added, and then be disbursed to a person deemed to be worthy.

Mention was made at the meeting of the work of Ashley Twedt, who put together an event to mark historic Sept. 11 at Bellville Elementary School. That event was held Tuesday.

The work of Jennifer Klaus, principal at the middle school, was also mentioned.

A committee will decide who should be candidates to receive funds. That group will be composed of the superintendent, treasurer, president and vice president of the board, the high school and middle school principals, and the Butler and Bellville elementary school principals.

This group will make recommendation on recipients of the foundation money to the board, which would then have to approve.

Beveridge said forming the foundation will “enhance the educators and staff.” And the board will also be able to “hand them a check.”

Beveridge noted the board has approved the sale of 49 acres to Joe Shrock, who is going to develop the area in Hamilton Hills. Shrock operates businesses that headquarter in Loudonville. He said that could result in 30 to 40 new homes, which would eventually bring more revenue into the school district.
Clear Fork school board approves sale of Hamilton Hills property;


By Louise Swartzwalder

Bellville star