Tales from the Wednesday night golf league

By Mike Bryant

Results for Wednesday night men’s league are as follow:

Wood & Sons is leading the way with a nine point advantage going into the last two weeks of the season.

In second place and chasing Wood & Sons is the Ru-Len led by Dick and Jeff Brokaw. They have been on a roll lately and are coming forward in a hurry. With these last two weeks should come a lot of excitement and fun. In third place is fast Eddie’s pizza led by Dan Crider who shot a very nice round of 31 this week. In fourth place and probably not quite in contention for the second half championship is American Legion Post 535, of course that could all change if the first three teams fall flat.

That is not expected though when Jerry Totman is playing golf like he did last week. He shot a two under par 30. That is his personal best and surprising if you know, very, very nice Jerry. You have been so solid this year and what a great year you have had. Your partner in crime, Joe Kaufman, usually is leading that team, but it looks to me like there’s a new sheriff in town playing for Wood & Sons. Keep in mind this team won the first half so if they win the second-half they pretty much slam the door shut on a second straight year of winning the Wednesday night men’s league. Gerry Dillon and Jim Leyland round out this very good Golf team. What a great job this team has done the last couple years and they should be rewarded and complimented for what they have done. Jim Layland , You are a bad man!

Behind Jerry Totman and Dan Crider was Jiggy Brokaw with a 31 also Rob Kamenoff with a 32 and Donny Flynn it made an appearance in the league with a 33. It’s nice to see Donnie back out there and we all miss him on Wednesday nights. Approximately a month ago I talked about Tom Nichols recovering from cancer it was a wonderful story about an 80 year old man who makes it out there every Wednesday evening to play.

He was having a check up in the beginning of August and I just want to tell everyone out there that the checkup came back good news for him and his family . I can’t imagine how he felt when he got that news but I do know that everyone in our league is tickled and very happy to hear that things are going well for him. Great job Tom. Until next week I hope you all have a wonderful time and things go well for you.

By Mike Bryant