Bellville Street Fair art show, 4H, vegetable show results

Fine Arts Best of Show

Middle and High School Fine Art — Maddy Palmer

Middle and High School Photography — Aliyah Burton

Fine Arts Adults — Doug Shirk

Photography, Adult Amateur — Andrea Papst

Photography, Adult Professional — Zack Cole

Special Exhibits

Senior Division — Largest Pumpkin: 1st Michelle Evans’ 2nd, Rick Rigel; 3rd, Margue Myers.

Junior Division — Largest Pumpkin: 1st. Madeline Hill; 2nd, Braeden Hill; 3rd, Gage Evans.

Senior divisionPumpkin Closest to 100 pounds, Hunter Evans; 200 pounds, Rick Rigel; 300 pounds. Michelle Evans.

Junior divisionPumpkin Closest to 100 pounds, Kaiya Gess; 200 pounds, Gave Evans; 300 pounds, Madeline Hill.

Neatest basket of vegetables — Megan Whatman.

Senior Division, Most Unusual Shaped Fruit — Mary Layfield.

Junior Division, Most Unusual Shaped Fruit — Wyatt Peters.

Tallest Stalk of Field Corn — 10 feet, 8 inches, Colton Metcalf.

Largest Potato — Mary Layfield.

Most Heads on Sunflower — 67, Kathleen Thompson.

Longest Ear of Field Corn — Joseph Kremple.

Longest Zucchini — Madeline Hill.

Longest Gourd — Terri Benson.

Largest Green Pepper — Jerry Granholm.

Largest Table Beet — Terri Benson.

Largest Tomato — Carol A Sheppard.

Senior Heavist Field Pumpkin — Josh Wharton

Junior division Heaviest Field Pumpkin — Linzy Weyhmeller, Carla Means

Longest Cucumber — Pam Spires.

Largest Ornamental Plant — Carol A Sheppard.

Largest Peach — Megan Hill.

Largest Pear — Megan Hill.

Largest Apple — Megan Hill.

Biggest Diameter Sunflower — Avia Snyder.

Club Display — Branded Pony 4H.

Senior Division FFA Display — Clear Fork FFA.

Junior Division FFA Display — Lucas FFA.

Best of Show Specimen, Flower — Lori Wennogle.

Best of Show, Artistic Arrangement —mAmanda Schmidt.

Best of Show, Baked Goods — Sharon Hollar.

Most Winning Entries, Canned Goods — Charles Arbutina.

Best of Show, Needlework —Louise Dudgeon.

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