Bellville police reports

Sept. 3

Loves Truck Stop — Officer dispatched to this location for a report of a theft. Upon arrival, 0fficer was met by an employee and a truck driver, who stated that the subject had entered into one of the semi-trucks that was parked on the lot. The driver exited the truck in order to make contact with someone regarding the subject. The subject then exited the semi-truck and got into a vehicle that was nearby, then left the area. Officer spoke with the manager on duty, an employee and the semi driver, took statements and cleared the scene.

Sept. 4

On Station — On this date and time, subject on station to make a report of theft that occurred at a local business parking lot. The subject stated that a transaction took place in the parking lot for a purchase from a website, no items have been provided by the suspect as of yet. This investigation is ongoing.

Sept. 8

St. Rt. 13 — On the listed date and time, while patrolling, officer observed subject vehicle make a lane of travel violation. The Officer activated overheads, initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the driver and passenger of the vehicle. The driver provided the required information to the officer, who dispatch confirmed as suspended. The driver was cited for driving under suspension, given a warning for the left of center violation and the passenger, who was confirmed as valid, was able to transport both on their way.

Snyder Funeral Home — Officer dispatched to the listed location in reference to an abandon vehicle. Upon arrival, officer made contact with the caller, who stated that the vehicle had been parked on the lot for several days. Officer was able to gather information from the vehicle, was unable to contact the owner and at this point a tow was called for the vehicle which was illegally parked for some time.

Sept. 9

Village View Apartments — On the listed date and time, Officer dispatched to location for a report of a man down. Person was found to be deceased, proper notification was made and a report was taken.

Sept. 10

Bellville-Johnsville Road — At the listed date and time, Officer observed subject vehicle complete a turn without use of the required turn signal. Officer initiated traffic stop and made contact with the driver. Driver supplied information to Officer, who confirmed identity of driver with Dispatch and was also found to have an active warrant out of another county. Officer then placed subject under arrest, conducted a safety search and contacted issuing county, whom was able to meet with Officer for the prisoner exchange. Passengers of vehicle were able to contact family for transportation home.

Bellville — On this date and time, Officer dispatched to assist RCSO with a domestic, involving a juvenile. Officer made contact with RCSO and the complainant, the juvenile was taken into custody.

Sept. 11

Bellville — Officer dispatched to area business for a call from 911. Officer arrived to find subject vehicle driving erratically in the parking lot of the business. Officer stopped vehicle and made contact with the driver, requested identification and the driver supplied. After gathering information, speaking with the driver, the Officer transported subject to a medical facility where they were met by staff.

Sept. 12

Bell Street — Officer dispatched to listed location for a vehicle parked on the street blocking a private driveway. Officer arrived and met with caller, who was unable to enter their driveway, due to it being blocked. Officer was unable to make contact with the owner of the vehicle, requested a tow company, who arrived to tow the illegally parked car.

Main Street — At the listed date and time, Officer dispatched to listed location for a possible unresponsive person. Upon approaching the subject, Officer detected an odor of alcohol coming from the person. After several attempts the Officer was able to awaken the subject and identify them. Subject was charged with disorderly conduct and transported to jail.

Sept. 13

Main Street — On the listed date and time, Officer dispatched to local business for a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, Officer observed subjects outside of the business. Officer made contact with all parties, was able to separate them and gather all information. Officer then spoke with a witness to the altercation. Officer returned juvenile to legal custodians, all parties involved were released and Officer cleared scene.

Bellville Officer contacted by Richland County Dispatch in reference to a person with an active warrant out of Richland County. Officer was able to contact subject at the listed address, where the subject stated that they were aware of the warrant. Subject was placed under arrest and transported to jail.

Sept. 14

Loves Travel Stop — While on patrol and conducting business checks, Officer observed suspicious activity in a vehicle. Officer approached subject and requested them to exit vehicle. Officer conducted a safety search of the person and assisted them to the patrol vehicle. The subject was cited for public indecency and was released. Officer cleared scene.

State Route 97 West — On the listed date and time, Officer was dispatched to listed location for a wrecked vehicle. Upon arrival, Officer met with callers who stated they had seen the vehicle while driving by. Officer searched the area and was not able to locate the driver of the vehicle. Upon searching the vehicle, the Officer found identification inside. While en route to the location on the driver’s license, Officer was met by local EMS en route to the same location. The Officer contacted the subject, after being checked by EMS, noted the odor of alcohol coming from them and asked them to complete field sobriety testing. After several attempts, the subject was not able to complete the tests, and was transported to receive breathalyzer testing. At this time, the subject was placed under arrest and charged with OVI and leaving the scene of an accident.

Ogle Street — While on a traffic stop, passenger in vehicle was found to have an active warrant. Assisting Officer arrested subject and transported them to jail.


Ogle Street — While on patrol at the listed date and time, Officer observed subject vehicle travel the wrong way on a one way street. Officer activated overheads and initiated a traffic stop. Upon approaching vehicle, Officer detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from inside. The Officer requested identification from the occupants and they complied. Assisting Officer arrived and the driver was asked to exit the vehicle. Dispatch confirmed the driver did not have a valid license and the passenger had an active warrant. The driver was unable to perform field sobriety testing and was given a PBT test, which they failed. At this time the driver was placed under arrest. The assisting Officer placed the passenger under arrest for the warrant, the driver was transported to take a breathalyzer test, cited for OVI and released to a family member.

School Avenue — On the listed date and time, while on foot patrol, Officer observed subject appearing to hide in the rear of a residential driveway. Upon approaching, Officer detected the odor of marijuana coming from the subject. After speaking with the subject for several minutes, and assisting Officer speaking with the resident of the structure, the subject did turn over drug paraphernalia and marijuana to the Officer. The person was cited for the marijuana and the paraphernalia.

Sept. 16

Bellville — On the listed date and time, Officer received a report of assault. This case is under investigation.