Bellville Police Reports

Sept. 20

Comfort Inn — On the listed date and time, Officer dispatched to listed location for a person that was acting erratically. Upon arrival, Officer met with caller, who stated the subject had continued the behavior since checking in. Officer received information concerning the subject and contacted the local parole office. Parole Officer arrived on scene and as Officers were speaking with person, the subject did flee. Officers continued after subject and were able to take subject into custody. Assisting Officer arrived and transported subject to jail. Officers cleared scene.

State Route 13 — While on patrol, Officer observed subject vehicle without the required front license plate. Officer observed driver of the vehicle and contacted dispatch with the rear license plate information which was confirmed as expired and suspended. At this time, this case is under investigation.

Sept. 22

Bellville — Officer contacted by resident who stated that someone tried to break in to their residence. Area was searched and photos were taken.

State Route 97 — Officer dispatched to listed location for a non-injury motorcycle accident. Officer arrived and made contact with driver, who stated that they pulled out of a parking lot, slid and lost control. Officer spoke with witnesses and a citation was issued for unsafe vehicle.

Sept. 23

Bellville — On the listed date and time, Officer dispatched to residence for a possible overdose. Officer arrived on scene and located subject, who

appeared to be unconscious, barely breathing and blue. Officer administered one dose of Naloxone Hydrochloride in each nostril. Officer was advised by witness that the subject was found on the floor with a hypodermic needle. After a few minutes the Officer again administered the Naloxone Hydrochloride, and the subject began breathing. EMS arrived and the scene was turned over to them. This case is under investigation.

State Route 97 East — While on patrol and doing random license plate checks, Officer observed vehicle which had plate confirmed through Dispatch, as coming back to a different vehicle. After verifying the photo of the driver, and confirming, the Officer proceeded after the vehicle. The subject continued travel, while doing so crossed over the double center line and Officer activated overheads, initiated a traffic stop and upon approaching the vehicle detected the odor of marijuana coming from inside. The driver stated that they recently purchased the vehicle, provided identification and a transferred title. The driver also stated that they knew the vehicle had the odor of marijuana. The driver was asked to exit the vehicle, which they complied and stated that there may be other marijuana related items in the vehicle. Officer began search of vehicle and located marijuana, drug paraphernalia and vials with unknown liquids. The evidence was bagged and secured in the patrol vehicle. This case is under investigation.