Natural gas prices, sidewalk repairs and donation by Gorman-Rupp for AEDs discussed at Bellville Village Council

BELLVILLE — Village council decided to go ahead with a plan to use an aggregator of natural gas prices for the area after conferring with a representative of Trebell, LLC at a recent meeting.

Council had met with Scott Belcastro previously to discuss the benefits of using an aggregator in dealing with utility prices.

Belcastro said he had received bids from three groups, and recommended using Volunteer Energy of Reynoldsburg, a natural gas supplier.

Working with Volunteer Energy was approved for a two-year period. Belcastro said the use of a group such as this would guarantee savings. Volunteer was the “price leader” in its proposal, he said. He had been tracking natural gas prices and used Nymex plus an “adder” figure. Nymex is the information provider on natural gas prices.

Council analyzed a number of pieces of legislation, including one which received some negative responses.

At issue was whether the village should attempt to reimburse residents for sidewalk repairs.

Solicitor Sarah Mussman shared with council a proposal to eliminate a provision to reimburse residents. She had talked about a sidewalk assessment district, but one of those is not in place. The proposed ordinance would remove a section of the code which allows citizens who repair their sidewalk to request reimbursement. The proposal came from a village council committee.

Council member Jason Potes criticized the idea that people could be reimbursed. He said there is no money to support that kind of effort and it would be like getting “blood out of a rock.”

Village administrator Larry Weirich said there is no line item in the budget setting aside any money to reimburse anybody.

Mussman said she talked about the sidewalk assessment district, but she doesn’t know what one would look like. Information about that kind of effort would have to be provided later.

Mayor Teri Brenkus told council Gorman Rupp has provided $7,000 for the purchase of four AEDs. These would go into police vehicles, plus one would be kept in village offices for use in local events.

An AED, or automatic external defibrillator, is a device used to administer an electric shock through the chest wall to the heart. The device has built-in computers that assess the victim’s heart rhythm, judge whether defibrillation is needed, and then administer the shock. Audible and/or visual prompts guide the user through the process.

There is going to be a history walk in the cemetery, led by Lynn Fox, in October.

The date has not been set.

Three churches recently did work in the depot building, adjacent to the Clear Fork River.

Mansfield Plumbing Products has donated a urinal and two sinks for installation in that building.

Kim Winkle of Avita has told Brenkus activities at the health care offices are going well. The Bellville operation eclipsed operations at the Avita offices in Ontario recently, she said.

Work has begun on moving dirt for refurbishing of the Bellville Cemetery. Work on that project is expected to be completed in 2019.

Photo by Louise Swartzwalder Ccott Belcastro of Trebell LLC speaks at the Bellville council meeting Tuesday night. by Louise Swartzwalder Ccott Belcastro of Trebell LLC speaks at the Bellville council meeting Tuesday night.


By Louise Swartzwalder

Bellville Star