Bellville Police Reports

Sept. 25

Speedway — On the listed date and time, 0fficer on patrol observed a vehicle exit gas station on Rt. 97, then quickly turn into the access road behind Speedway. During this time, the driver appeared to be looking back at the Officer, while weaving in and out of the semi parking area. The vehicle came to a stop at the gas pumps of Speedway, while continuing to keep eye contact on the Officer. The passenger had exited the vehicle and was in the store. At this point, the Officer turned in to make contact with the occupants, due to the suspicious behavior. Both occupants were identified, the driver being confirmed as having an active warrant out of a neighboring county. The driver was then searched and placed into the patrol cruiser for transport to jail, the occupant not having a valid driver’s license, was able to arrange for a family member to pick them up.

Mickey Mart — On the listed date and time, Officer dispatched to listed location in reference to an alarm. While en route, Officer advised it was a shoplifting-type incident. Subject had grabbed some items then fled the store, quickly leaving in a vehicle. Upon arrival, Officer checked area including other local business for the subject. Other local law enforcement agencies were notified of the vehicle. The Officer spoke with reportee, took a description of the subject and cleared the scene.

Sept. 26

Spruce Hill Inn and Cottages — On the listed date and time, Officer dispatched to listed location to assist other law enforcement agency in reference to a possible shooting. Officer arrived on scene and entered location, where subject was found on the bathroom floor with non-life threatening injures, none of which from gunshot. The Officer assisted in treating the person, and held the scene inside, until local EMS personnel arrived. The subject outside the location was treated by local law enforcement, and then treated by EMS. The Officer stood by until no longer needed by local law enforcement, then cleared scene.

Sept. 27

Kochheiser Road — On the listed date and time, Officer observed subject’s vehicle complete a turn without the required turn signal. Officer proceeded after the vehicle, activated overheads and initiated a traffic stop. Officer approached vehicle, made contact with the driver and stated the reason for the stop. The driver stated that they did not realize they did not use their signal. Officer requested required identification and driver complied. Dispatch confirmed driver as suspended. The driver was given a warning for the turn signal and a citation for driving under suspension.

Sept. 28

Bellville — On the listed date and time, Officer was dispatched to listed location in reference to a fraud/attempted theft report. Upon arrival, Officer met with complainant who stated that their bank contacted them in regards to their bank card, which had been attempted to be used several times at several different locations. Information was requested from the reportee and the bank. This case is under investigation.

Main Street — While on patrol, Officer observed vehicle travelling above the posted speed limit. Officer activated radar, confirmed the subject vehicle speed and activated overheads and initiated a traffic stop. Contact was made with the driver who stated that they did not have a valid license. Passenger did provide information which was confirmed as valid, as driver was confirmed as suspended. A citation was issued for speed and driving under suspension to the driver and the valid passenger was able to transport them on their way.

Sept. 29

Main Street — While patrolling on Main Street, Officer observed subject vehicle travelling with high beams on, blinding other motorists and the Officer. A traffic stop was initiated and contact was made with the driver and passenger of the vehicle, during which the Officer detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from the driver. Dispatch confirmed the driver as suspended, the passenger as having a valid permit. The driver did provide a breath sample, which came back as within the legal limit. The driver was cited for driving under suspension and a family member was contacted to come drive the vehicle and occupants home.

Sept. 30

Loves Travel Stop — On this date there was an armed robbery of this location, within hours of the incident both males were taken into custody by this department without incident. See previous press release on Sept. 30, 2018 for further information.