Bellville Police reports

Sept. 30

Main Street — Officer responded to a possible overdose. He made contact with business employees, who flagged down the Officer and pointed them to the subject, who was lying on the ground, unresponsive and another person standing by, who they reported had attempted to flee. Juveniles were located in the rear of subject’s vehicle. Assisting Officer questioned the subject, placed them into the patrol cruiser, while Officer attempted to get the unconscious person to respond. One dose of Narcan was administered by the Officer, EMS arrived and administered a second dose and the subject began to revive. Subject stated that both persons had taken heroin that day. Subject in the patrol vehicle, who was in and out of consciousness, was evaluated by EMS, questioned and revived person gave permission to search the vehicle. EMS then transported the person to the hospital. Subject in patrol vehicle was again evaluated by EMS, Children’s Services were contacted for the juveniles and the subject was taken to jail. Multiple citations were issued.

Bellville — On the listed date and time while patrolling, Officer observed subject vehicle traveling over the marked lanes of travel, without the required lit rear license plate. Officer activated overheads and initiated a traffic stop. Officer approached vehicle and made contact with the driver, who supplied the required information. While speaking with the driver, Officer observed a prescription bottle on the seat of the vehicle. Officer questioned driver as to the owner of the bottle. Driver stated that it belongs to one of their employees. The medication was showing outdated and belonging a person of the opposite sex. The driver was issued warnings for marked lanes, the RP light and the medication was taken into custody by the Officer. This case is under investigation.

Oct. 3

Huron Street — On the listed date and time, Officer dispatched to listed residence for a report of a garage door being opened. Officer arrived and made contact with the home owner who stated that the door was open and no person from the residence had been there yet. The Officer cleared the garage, examined the locking mechanism and found minor damage to it and to the door frame. Pictures were taken of the damage and information was gathered from the homeowner. Officer cleared scene.

River Rock — Officer dispatched to the listed location in reference to a large fight. Upon arrival Officer was flagged down by several individuals, that stated the problem party had just fled south on Main Street. Officer entered the business and spoke with several victims who were showing physical signs of being assaulted. Officer also spoke with several witnesses who had attempted to stop the fight, some of which became victims. The Officer took statements from all victims and witnesses and proceeded to subject’s residence and spoke with both subjects involved in the fight. Each subject told a different story, not matching with the victim and witness statements. The subjects were placed into the patrol cruiser, Officer returned to River Rock where additional statements were taken, again verified that no person needed medical attention and subjects were transported to jail.

Bellville — On the listed date and time, subject and juvenile came on station requesting a report be filed. Officer inquired as to what was going on and the subject stated that an ex family member had used social media to make statements as to the safety of the juvenile. The Officer verified the custody of the juvenile and gathered information, a report has been filed.

Oct. 5

State Route 13 South — While on patrol conducting random license plate checks, Officer observed vehicle with driver displaying suspicious behavior, appearing to try to hide their face from the Officer. Officer confirmed the vehicle registration information, confirmed the driver observed by the Officer as being the registered owner and not valid. Officer proceeded after the vehicle, activated overheads and initiated a traffic stop. Upon approaching, Officer advised the driver that they were confirmed as not valid. Driver stated that they were aware but, were just on their way home from dropping off someone at their vehicle. The driver was issued a citation and was able to contact a valid driver to retrieve them and the vehicle.

Oct. 6

AmVets Park — Officer responded to a report of a fight involving 6 to 7 people. Officer arrived and spoke with an attendee, along with others present, who stated that there was nothing going on at the location. Officer then questioned others present who stated that they were not aware of any problem. At this time, Officer observed a juvenile, who appeared very upset, and approached the person who stated that they had been yelled at and had caused a fight. The juvenile was able to point out the person to the Officer, who then approached the subject. The subject stated to the Officer that they were in an argument with a family member but, could not remember what is was about, due to the fact that they had been drinking. A bystander then stated to the Officer that the person who started the fight was located in the parking lot. The Officer approached the people in the lot, when one subject began to yell and become aggressive toward the Officer. Assisting Officer arrived and the subject was then placed into the patrol car and taken to jail. Citations were issued for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Oct. 7

River Rock — Officer responded to report of a bar fight. He was met by employees, who stated everything inside was calm and the offenders left, headed down Rt. 97. Officer quickly travelled the same direction and observed a vehicle swerving across the center line. Officer activated overheads and initiated a traffic stop. Contact was made with the driver, who was showing signs of alcohol consumption and the odor of alcohol was detected by the Officer, who also observed wounds to the driver’s knuckles, consistent with fighting. Information was requested by the Officer, for the driver and passengers. The driver had difficulty providing the information and was asked to participate in field sobriety testing, who then stated that they would not pass due to their level of impairment. The driver was placed into the patrol vehicle and the passengers were asked to exit the vehicle, with an assisting Officer that had arrived. Both passengers showed signs consistent with alcohol consumption and fighting, all were placed into patrol vehicles. A tow was called for the vehicle. Officer then took statements from witnesses at the location and the subjects were transported to jail.

Loves Travel Stop — Officer was contacted by the listed business in reference to a theft. A report was filed.

Main Street — While on patrol, Officer observed vehicle traveling over the speed limit. Officer was able to catch up to the vehicle and activated overheads, initiating a traffic stop. Officer approached driver and immediately detected an odor of marijuana. Officer advised driver of the reason for the stop, requested the required information which the driver provided. Officer verified with dispatch that the driver was valid, then questioned them as to when they had smoked the marijuana, which the driver stated earlier in the day. The driver was asked to exit the vehicle, which they complied and a search was conducted where marijuana and paraphernalia was found. The illegal items were sealed into evidence and secured into the patrol vehicle. A summons was issued for the marijuana and a warning was issued for speed.